2018 Mustang AmericanMuscle Graphics Smoked Tint Kit Review & Install

Hey guys Today we're gonna be looking at and installing the smoked tint kit for 2018 Mustangs

This is a complete kit that will cover all the 2018 Mustangs' exterior lighting The kit costs about $55, and this is gonna be your higher-quality option when you compare to the other option that you have on the website The install for this is easy It's a one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, but it is a little bit time-consuming And I'll show you how to get it on the car now

The tools that you need for this install are the supplied squeegee, a microfiber towel, a heat gun, a soap and water mixture, and some Windex All right guys, so we're gonna start up here with a headlight simply because it's a big piece It doesn't have a lot of bends to it We'll get a good feel for how the vinyl will lay So the things that I have up here with me, I have my headlight piece right here

I have some Windex because you are gonna wanna make sure you clean all of your light surfaces prior to trying to install any vinyl on top of them They need to be clean and dry I also have a water and soap mixture as well as another microfiber towel that I'm going to use to wrap around my squeegee, because if you just use the squeegee, you run the risk of possibly scratching the vinyl And I have a heat gun here too just to help me apply the vinyl if I need it So I'm gonna start by cleaning this off with some Windex

The headlight is pretty dry now, so I'm gonna take my microfiber towel, I have my squeegee right here, gonna spray the headlight with our soap and water mixture The reason why you wanna use a soap and water mixture is so when you lay the vinyl on and you have a little bit of room to maneuver the tint as you'd like to So not only am I gonna spray the headlight, but I'm gonna spray the back of the vinyl as well And I'll say this now too, this tint does look pretty dark, but it's still gonna allow 80% of the light to come through So you're not really blacking out any of your lights

You are gonna get a much darker appearance, but you're not blocking anything out So with our soap and water mixture sprayed on both surfaces, we're gonna go ahead and lay the vinyl on All right So we're just trying to line up our vinyl right now The soap and water mixture is going to allow us to move

You can see my tint is moving This is gonna allow me to line it up perfectly Now that I have the vinyl lay down pretty much where I want it, I'm gonna take my squeegee, I'm gonna wrap it in the microfiber just to make sure that I don't scratch the tint when I do this What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna try to work all of the air bubbles and the fluid out from behind the vinyl So I'm gonna try to get this to stick on the headlight a little bit more

What you guys are gonna have to do, you are gonna have to hold it If you don't hold it down, it's just gonna move around on you So I have this pretty much on the way to being in a good spot where I like it What I'm gonna do is I'm having a little bit of bubbling up here So I'm gonna use my heat gun

I'm just gonna apply a little bit of heat to it That's gonna dry out some of the fluid on the other side and help this stick a little bit better to my headlight So I'm gonna put a little bit of heat on it and then I'm gonna just continue doing what I'm doing with my squeegee All right So as this is heating up, you can actually see it starting to conform to the headlight a lot better

I lost a big part of that bubble And the vinyl's laying on here a lot nicer now I have some small bubbles I still need a work out, but the heat is helping me a lot I have one little problem right here So, I'm basically just gonna keep working this piece of tint until it's laying perfectly

You can see how the heat helped it to conform a little bit to the headlight And right now I have absolutely no bubbles and no pops The heat worked really well I'm actually really pretty excited So now we're gonna move down to our turn signal down here

First thing's first, gonna clean it off with some Windex Now spray it with our soap and water mixture, we'll grab our tint I'm gonna spray the adhesive side of the tint with the soap and water mixture And we're gonna get this positioned on here So one thing I will say about this kit, because it is the higher quality kit, the better quality materials actually make it a lot easier to install

You saw how easy that headlight went into place, and this is exactly the same So this kit, the tint in it is a little bit thicker It's more flexible and it conforms a lot easier And those are all things that are really gonna cut down on the time that it takes to install this as well as how good it looks after you're done installing So I have our turn signal piece laid pretty well right here

Going to use my squeegee, try to get it in place a little bit better So I'm gonna grab my heat gun now Use a little bit of heat If you guys are gonna use the heat gun, you're just gonna have to be careful If the heat is too hot for your hand, then it's too hot for the tint or too hot for your paint

So just pay attention to how hot you're making things and only use what you need as far as heat I'm just gonna try to work the tint a little bit as I'm heating it, or not And you never really wanna leave the gun in one spot for too long when you're heating this All right So, you can see how the heat is helping me just conform this to the rest of the turn signal

So for the most part a tint kit like this is easy to install especially when you have nice vinyl It's just time-consuming So you just have to be patient So curved pieces like this can take a little bit longer just because it takes a little bit longer to work this and get it to sit nicely on a curved section I'm gonna try my squeegee again now that we have a little bit of heat

Just gonna try to tuck this under our turn signal here We will need a little bit more heat to get this to lay perfectly, but it's starting to look better All right So I'm going back to the heat gun, gonna put some heat under the vinyl here, just see if I can get this side squared away So with a tint kit like this, if you guys end up coming up with a couple bubbles under the surface after you've finished, the majority of the time those bubbles will go away in the sunlight

So, don't expect your tint kit to go on perfectly If you do have some water or air bubbles underneath, those will evaporate within the next couple days Okay We're getting a lot better now This right here is the hardest part of the curve on the the turn signal

So I'm not surprised that's taking the longest time right here Gonna use my squeegee, just flatten this out a little bit and make sure we're gonna lay nice and straight flat I'm just holding the corner up on this just to make sure it is exactly where I want it to You guys can see how helpful the heat is and how I'm just sort of chasing the tint from one side to the other I'm just working my way from one side to the other and getting this to lay on there nicely

We're almost done with this side All right So I see one little bubble in there I'm gonna try to get that out with my squeegee and just make sure that this is laying all flat That's gonna finish up our turn signal on this side

So our process is gonna be the same pretty much everywhere we go Gonna take a little bit of Windex, clean the light off Spray both the surface area and the adhesive side of the vinyl with the soap and water mixture So this vinyl is five mil PVC vinyl, and it's rated for five years of outdoor use for you guys that are worried about your daily drivers or how long this tint will last Something else that I really like about this kit other than the quality of material which makes this a lot easier to install than some other kits that you guys might come across, is the fact that this tint has a gloss finish on it

I just think that it looks really nice once you get it on the car, especially during the daytime when the sun's hitting this or even when your lights are on I just think that it gives it a nicer finish You guys see me constantly keep my hand here because, like I said before, I am constantly checking on the heat of the gun because if it's too hot for my hand, it's too hot for the car's paint, it's too hot for the tint My hand close by and I always keep the gun moving I never really let it sit in one spot

You can see how the vinylit just helps the vinyl to conform a little bit to those curved areas So now that we have the lights done on the front of the car, we're gonna move around to the side and do the turn signal on the side mirror

So these right here are your side mirror turn signals We're gonna do the same thing Clean them off with Windex, spray a little soap and water So what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna line up this corner first where the piece is actually cooked You can see I have a little bit of extra vinyl here on the end of the side mirror

I can always just cut that off with a razor blade What's more important is lining up this edge right here closer to the front of the car So, I'm just gonna leave this little tab hanging off for now until I get this all settled I'm actually gonna use my fingernail, just get the tint to sit right in underneath the side mirror trim just so it looks a little bit better From my squeegee, I'm gonna use the corner of the squeegee

All right So we're just gonna apply a little heat to this We're gonna take a razor blade to cut off our little tail end here Then we'll apply our Windex, soapy water So these pieces are side specific

So just make sure you have the correct side in the correct orientation I'm gonna wipe offI sprayed a lot, so I'm gonna wipe off some of this moisture now that I have the vinyl positioned where I want it

And that should help me get this on there a little bit faster So I do have one small bubble right here in the middle So I'm gonna use my heat gun, just apply a little heat to this and see if I can get it sitting a little bit better So with our side marker done, we're going to flip the car around and move on to our taillights and our diffuser reflectors So we flipped the car around

Now we're gonna start our taillights We're gonna start by cleaning them off with Windex, and I'll point out now that the taillight sections are piece by piece So we'll be doing each louvered section of the taillight one piece at a time So the taillight section might actually be the most challenging piece You will need the heat gun a lot for this section

You have a lot of bends here that you're trying to get the vinyl to conform to So once again, this is something you're just gonna have to be patient with and put in the time to do it right All right So we have it in there decently well I'm gonna go straight to the heat gun to try to get this to conform a little bit

So, at first, you may think the vinyl piece looks a little small But once you add heat to it, you guys saw what I did, where I had a big bubble, I sort of peeled up and then I replaced the vinyl And it's actually stretching to fit, and it's a really nice fit right now Like I said, it's just one of those things you have to be patient with and work at and get it to lay the way you want it to Really making sure that I get the edges of the vinyl so that this is wrapped around that taillight

All right, guys, so we're ready for our last section of this taillight here So you guys might notice this too as you're doing your taillights In the case of the taillights, the heat gun really is gonna be your best friend The vinyl fits really nicely, but when it comes to the curves of the taillights, I've just been using the heat gun to stretch the vinyl a little bit and really get a nice fit So you're probably gonna have to do the same thing too

Just know that the heat gun really helps out a lot in this case So right now I'm leaving the top kind of loose I'm gonna get the bottom set into place on the taillight, then I'll take the heat gun and use it to stretch the vinyl a little bit and get it sitting in the top part of the taillight really nicely You guys can see how just a little bit of heat helps you out a lot here Stretch the vinyl up and now it's perfect fit

I'm just gonna keep working at this until it wants to lay nicely Working out any bubbles or wrinkles that I see right now while I still can All right We had a little bubble So I'm just peeling up the corner here, just seeing if I can get rid of that

Probably have to rework this a little bit with the heat gun There we go It's a lot better now All right And that's gonna wrap up the taillight on this side of the car

All right So on the other side, process is gonna be the same We're gonna clean the light off with Windex then use our soap and water mixture and get the vinyl set So right now I'm just trying to squeeze out some of the soap and water mixture I did use a lot on this light and that can make it more difficult sometimes

It'll help you get the vinyl positioned really nicely, but it will extend the time of how long it will take to get this piece on the car So I'm using the microfiber I am pressing down on the vinyl to try to squeeze out some of that soap and water You can see the vinyl starting to stick now So once again, I'm gonna leave the top sort of hanging out like that until I can get some heat on it and stretch it out

But before I do that, I wanna make sure that the bottom part of the vinyl is sitting pretty nicely and isn't moving around on me I'm just taking my squeegee in the crease right here and making sure the vinyl is just sitting really nicely before I move on to the next section So, at this point our taillights are finished and we only have a few other small pieces to do We're gonna do our third brake light, our reverse light, and our reflectors down here in the lower valance So after our taillights, everything else that we have left to do is gonna be pretty easy and straightforward

Right now we're gonna do our reverse light So now we're gonna move on to our valance These also are side-specific So just make sure you're grabbing the right side All right

So we're gonna clean this off Use our soap and water mixture Grab our vinyl All right So the last thing we're gonna do is our third brake light

Now I will say this kit comes with a third brake light for both fastback models and convertible models The convertible model third brake light's a little bit larger So if you have a fastback like we do, make sure you just grab the smaller third brake light vinyl All right Now our soap and water mixture

All right I'm gonna use the heat gun a little bit on this just to help it adhere a little bit better All right, guys, that's gonna wrap up this review and install Keep in mind, you can always check this tint kit out more online right here at americanmusclecom