Amateur window tinting (By Me) messing it up at the end..Please put captions on

I knew that exercise mat would get some use this was another failed attempt tape ready to peel two layers apart the problem with doing a few jobs at the same time is getting oil on the panel wipe spray bottle nearly scraped it onto the battery just not long enough I know it's the wrong way but it's flat glass and I don't want the side I'm going to tint on the worktop first i know it should be one long cut just trying to cut down on the dust if only i knew what i was doing everything going good so far putting it in the cloth and trying not to scratch the film this does not squeeze all of the water out that's needed cloth is not needed with this film it was pretty good i find if you squirt solution on and scrape it works better and less scratches this is the land rover series rear window it's coming up, wait for it wait for it! there you go yes it's a big effing scratch ah well I never think of the time wasted but the practice I got failing mindlessly clearing up