Are Your Windows Tinted – Window Film vs Factory Privacy Glass

Hi guys, I'm Danny with Aladdins Window Tinting and today we're just bringing you a quick tip One of the most common threads I go through with clients is whether or not their vehicle is already tinted

If you drive a truck, a minivan, a crossover SUV, essentially they're called multi passenger vehicles Anything other than a car like what you see out here car, car, car These all come with clear blank windows from the manufacturer These type of cars come with tinted privacy glass from the manufacturers So yes the glass is tinted, but it's not from window film yet

When you add film you get all the solar benefits of UV and infrared heat protection So kiddos aren't getting their skin burned, upholstery is not fading and you're stopping a lot of heat from coming through as well One of the easiest ways to tell if your car has a window film on it, or if it's just a diet or a stained glass, is to look for a line running parallel to the top edge of the glass in here Sometimes it can be difficult to see if the installation is good We always try to get it as close as we can But that's one of the easiest ways to tell

So right now if you come in close, you'll see that it's just clear smooth glass all the way to the top, from the outside it looks tinted It's just from my stain in the glass So a lot of times I'll hear it called factory tinted glass This comes from the factory like this When it gets to the dealership it'll have blank front side windows and the dealership will typically install tint on just the two fronts

So that's one of the easiest ways to tell if your vehicle has window film on it, if it doesn't get it in and get protected Hi guys we're here with the finished product now We went ahead and installed the SunTek Carbon XP 35 over all the privacy glass She didn't want to darken the glass up too much and still wanted good visibility at nighttime, so we chose a medium shade You can tell that you can still kind of see in through the car

Now that there's film on there you've get the benefit of infrared protection so that you're stopping heat and you're not getting ultraviolet radiation either so you're protecting your upholstery, you're stopping the harmful rays from coming through and causing skin cancer and things like that That's pretty much it in Arizona you definitely want film on your car, it's gonna help the comfort level in there With all that extra surface area of glass and the heat coming through in the summertime, adding film is a great way to stop it Give us a call for an estimate!

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