Back window tint installation | Window tinting car rear windows | How to shrink rear window

In this video i am heat shrinking a back window of a 2013 Mercedes C300 using wax on the surface of the glass Some people use a rectangle hard card and lay the tint down as it shrinks

Using your hands to do the same will prevent from creasing the film, making it easier when learning As you can see when the film is heated it shrinks, thats when its time to lay down the product as its soft Starting in the middle of the window evenly shrink and lay the film up or down towards the edges Note that the film is made to shrink towards the factory edges of the roll Remember to take your time, start off heating from farther with less heat, allow yourself to familiarize the film shrinking

Once the the tint has taken shape of the window its time to cut the tint 1 mil bigger than the painted border of the cars glass using a flash light on the inside This part to tinting a back window will be demonstrated in another video

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