Behind the Scenes: Expert Window Tinting Available at Lexus of Las Vegas

We're here with Armando our Lexus of Las Vegas tint specialist How long have you been tinting cars Armando? 15 years in Vegas

12 for Lexus of Las Vegas That's excellent So you get it right every time We try We do

So, how many cars do you tint in one week here at Lexus? Um, I do between four and five a day so about 20 Excellent Our tint is pretty great isn't it? It's the best The best Awesome

Is it a lifetime warranty? Yes Lifetime warranty Ceramic tint? Cermanic tint Best in the business 99% UV protection

Excellent So you're tinting an ES right now for a customer What's next? This car right over here Let's check that out The LC

Ooooh! Awesome Thanks Armando! Thank you!

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