Best way to Properly TINT Your Tesla model 3 in 2019

– What up everybody, this is Carlos, 'The Texas Squeegee', and I'm back! Alright, so today we've got this Tesla Model 3, uh, we brought it into the shop, we are Texas Tint Masters, we specialize in computer cuts, ceramic tinting One of the cars that we're most famous for doing is these Tesla Model 3s, mainly because the rear glass is the one that gives most people, in most shops, trouble

Most of the time they will turn it down because the skill required to do something like this is above the average, and also the material is above the average as well, because this is the biggest rear glass on the car that you will ever see That's what we're famous for One of the unique approaches that we do to it is instead of doing the way that some people do it, which is the two piece into the bottom half, and the top half or the bottom half, we do the entire thing in one full sheet because we stock the proper sized material to do it, and we have the proper skills, as well So we're about to get started on this one, and uh, we'll show you guys how the best tint shop would take care of this (upbeat music) – Alright, so we just finished doing a full ceramic tint install

Ceramic is the best quality of tint on this Model 3 You can see the rear glass is done in one single piece, it's not- there's no seams in the middle, there's not just a one half in the top not tinted, it's done the entire way, the most professional way that it could be done The side doors is done with the uh, the door dash covered, so that there's no water getting into the panels and stuff and, you know, damaging the electronics So this has been Carlos, 'The Texas Squeegee', signing off, and I'll see you on our next one