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– When you sleep in a typical car you are totally exposed, right? I mean, there are windows in every direction And with that can come a variety of concerns that would make the sleep that you seek less than sound

I know that personally as I began prepping for a long stint of living out of my Toyota Prius there This gave me a lot of anxiety I mean, it can result in a police officer knocking on the window with a concern It could mean a sketchy dude knocking on the window asking for money for the bus or something, and worst of all it can mean not feeling comfortable sleeping in your underwear on a hellacious hot Texas night (light gentle music) When you're doing some vehicular dwelling, especially in urban environments, privacy is key

And in this video I'm gonna cover the best solutions for achieving this, both the DIY options and off the shelf, or off the internet Hopefully by the end you'll know which one or two will best meet your needs And you will, of course, find links to all the items I talk about in the description of this video Let's get it started Reflectix

One of the most common solutions you see people using for their windows are these custom cut cardboard panels with Reflectix material attached, and in terms of value per dollar spent, this one is really hard to beat So I give it props there I mean you get all the materials you need for around $20 The material is perfectly opaque for total privacy It's easily set up and taken down, and it's going to help insulate the interior of your vehicle

Getting your windows shade just right so there are not any gaps for people to see in can be a bit of a challenge Also, to go from sleeping mode to normal usage mode or simply to roll your windows down, you have to put these panels up and take them down every time Like, in other words, it's not a set it and forget it solution like some of the others I'll talk about later Third, while the material being totally opaque is great for preventing people from being able to see in, the downside or the other edge of this sword, is that it prevents you from being able to see out You can't wake up seeing the beautiful view that your campsite on wheels permits

You can't see the parking authority who just pulled up behind you intending to write you a ticket, allowing you to jump into the driver's seat and take off really quickly, as I have done You can't see the creep that might be just outside your vehicle, scoping it out, wondering, hmmmm, I wonder if there's any refried beans in there that I can steal Having privacy doesn't necessarily mean giving up this awareness to your surroundings More on that later Lastly, not attracting attention can be one of a vehicle dwellers best weapons against problems

Many folks understandably don't want their neighborhood to become the next hobo hotspot, and they may take actions to make you feel unwelcome Reflectix material on full display blocking the rear area of a vehicle may be sending a message to the local T-ball coach that you're not intending to send I live outside the law, I'm low on funds, and I'm your new neighbor, what's up? Ha ha, where your kids at? Off the shelf products A search for vehicle window privacy options, or window shades on Amazon is gonna bring about no shortage of cheap products that all promise to give you the effect that you're looking for And as a frugal dude I would love for these to be great products, I would love to endorse them

But sadly these options are likely a fast track to disappointment Vehicle windows are not created equal, so digging into the reviews of many seemingly interesting options, you'll see complaints of a product not being tall enough or not being wide enough to cover their whole window, and for your rear window, good luck This is not to say that there is nothing in this realm of cheapy products that's worth a look I mean a relatively new thing that I've seen a lot that seems to have solved the one size fits none problem facing so many others are these mesh window coverings that are kinda like pantyhose for your windows These can be taken off and put on very easily and you can even roll the window down to allow ventilation without sacrificing your privacy

Best of all, this material is almost perfect for keeping bugs out But a potential downside here is that this material sits on the exterior of the window, and I'm not sure how well it's gonna hold up to long-term continuous use It's likely best to put them on and take them off as needed So, not a set it and forget it option either Further, these are only gonna work on the windows of your doors

On the Prius that leaves me with four additional windows if I wanted to have privacy Despite a few caveats, these really are a stellar value I mean, you get two of them for under $15 And like I said, the bug net thing and the ability to roll your window down, having these, like while they're not gonna be the perfect privacy solution that fixes all your needs, I think in conjunction with something else we talk about, they'd be a great addition to anybody's kit Limo tint

How about I just black out all of the rear windows of my vehicle with window tint? Well ask some random dude and they may tell you how any amount of tinting is fine on the rear windows Well, that's one way to learn about the law My preferred method is to seek counsel from our future lord and savior, the Googles Now it doesn't matter if you have a friend who knew a guy who's been driving for 10 years with blackout tint across his entire windshield Here are the facts

Laws on window tinting are set at the state level That means that the permissible percentage of visual light transmission as well as factors like the reflectivity and the color of the film will differ based on where you're located The great thing about limo tint, though, is it gives you a large degree of privacy It doesn't keep you from seeing out during the day and doesn't obstruct rolling down the windows I mean, it's a set it and forget it solution

The downside, though, is that it is quite difficult to see out the window at night But the main issue for me is living with the anxiety of having a target on my back I want zero attention from law enforcement It's not that I'm doing anything illegal or that all cops are dicks, but it's always a roll of the dice Will they realize that you're car camping, consider you a deviant, and then use your window tint to cite you as a way to combat what they see as a harmful trend? Will you accidentally find yourself in a sketchy part of town where the cops are on edge about the dangers that can be lurking behind darkly tinted windows, resulting in a high-stress situation for the both of you

This shit happens And I'd rather just, nope But if you wish to go this route, you can have a vendor apply some window tinting for like $100 to $300 depending on your location and the quality, probably more in the $100 range if you're finding some bro on Craigslist Or you can attempt to put 'em on yourself for around $30 of materials There's plenty of YouTube videos where you can learn about exactly how to do that

As you can probably tell by now, I spend a lot of time trying to find what was the best car privacy options And I wanted to have all the efficiency benefits of limo tinting minus the fear of attracting the attention of law enforcement My solution that I showed off in my original Prius Living Video 2017 was to use blank perforated vinyl When you've seen a picture of a logo printed on the window of a retail space or a vehicle with a graphics wrap, it was likely printed on perforated vinyl This material is basically a vinyl sticker with a pattern of holes punched in it

It's black on the inside and white on the outside, which allows you to see out with ease, but it's very difficult for someone to see in Another benefit it has over tinting is how much easier it is to apply the material yourself The only tool you need is a razor or a box cutter You pull off the sticker backing, stick it on your window, and cut around the edges And if you mess up, hey, simply pull back off and try again

The adhesive is surprisingly forgiving I mean, I tried like four different times on my first window and it's held on for well over two years and shows no signs of coming off anytime soon As far as insulation benefits, since the materia sits on the exterior of the glass of the window, a majority of the UV rays never even enter the vehicle, unlike with Reflectix panels which sit on the inside And when trying to reduce the Greenhouse Effect, this is significant While Reflectix looks trashy and limo tint looks shady, perf vinyl is a material that's associated with businesses

I've been pulled over a couple times, and I've even had my car searched near the El Paso border, and not one of these guys mentioned a single negative word about my use of vinyl over the windows I mean, maybe that's why they searched me? Upsides, excellent privacy in the day, it's set it and forget it, the white color in conjunction with sitting on the exterior of the window help a lot with insulation, and it does not impede rolling down the window I know a lot of people were concerned about the material, you know, getting peeled up or something when you try to roll down the window That doesn't happen There are a couple downsides, it's hard to see out the material when it's wet, and running a light inside at night can be seen from the outside

I mean, there's a limit to how much perf vinyl can do You can buy enough material to do this yourself for under $50, and like I said, it's a lot easier to apply than tending Fabric and magnets Another cool idea I've seen from folks is cutting out fabric into the shape of their windows, sewing rare earth magnets into the edges, and then attaching it either to the metal of the door frame on like the outside or to pieces of metal that they adhered around the window's frame Literally any practical use of magnets gets me excited

This method allows users to quickly and easily out their window coverings up and tear them down as needed And while it's not the best ventilation, you can still roll your windows down Since this is usually done with black fabric, from the outside when the windows are up, anyway, it just looks like they're tinted The downsides to this are not being able to see your surroundings And based on how you set yours up you may even need to open your door a bit in order to take it down

And that's not ideal for me because what if there's a bear right outside there and you didn't know What if there's a sketchy dude? What if there's a sketchy bear? I ain't trying to deal with no sketchy bears The final option I wanna cover are window shades from a company called Car Shades These metal framed mesh panels are made to perfectly fit and cover 100% of your vehicle's read windows Using the included metal tabs, they quickly pop in and lock into place

And then when you wanna take them out it's just as easy But if you're like me, because you're still able to see out just fine, I would just leave them up pretty much all the time From the outside it simply looks like your windows are tinted The best part, on hot summer days you can even roll your windows down and they stay securely in place This means that you can keep cool, maintain a decent level of privacy, and keep most bugs from entering

I this the greatest bug net in the world? No, it's not as good as the mesh thing that I talked about earlier But if you deem it necessary all it would take is like $10 at a fabric store to do a little DIY modification to make it a finer net When I first read the price for car shades for the Prius it sounded too steep for a frugal bastard like me, but after realizing how versatile these things are, I'd now argue that it's well worth the price if you can swing it When you buy shades from them, they are not too short, not too loose, not mass market junk, they're made to be perfect for your vehicle Another thing that's changed my tune on this, is how the price is about the same as it would cost to have window tinting installed

And in my opinion, the value of this product far exceeds window tinting Okie dokie, at this point I've talked about six options and gave you a run down of their benefits and caveats, and the greatest thing is, though, you don't have to choose just one Get creative The right choice for you might be a cocktail Personally I love the combination of perforated vinyl with the car shades

The perf vinyl was already great, but adding car shades allows me to further boost my privacy when desired, say, when working on my laptop at night, and of course I can also ventilate the interior without getting taken over by bugs Something else you could do is have some sneaky, dark tinted windows hidden underneath your perforated vinyl I actually got a little bit of that myself Don't you tell nobody 'bout that Each of these items I mentioned will be linked in this video's description, and if you're new to this channel and you get goosebumps from words like practicality, convenience, versatility, especially when achieved at a low price tag, then you are my people

Consider subscribing If you found this video to be helpful, give it one of these guys Lastly, what are your thoughts? Do you disagree? Did I miss a good one? Let me know in that comment box I reply to like every comment that I get So good luck on your privacy endeavors, and until next time, take it easy

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