Hi all, I'm in front of a new video today Before starting the video; if you like this kind of videos, there is much more in my channel

That's why; you can subscribe now and follow my videos! There are three basic rules of filming a good glass film! 1Kural: Glass Cleaning 2Kural: Accurate Measure 3Kural: Seamless Bonding If 3 rules are complete, the window film can be started After placing the film correctly on the glass, the bonding process starts from the top of the glass After gluing the top of the glass; parts of the film are cut with a cutter! and then any possible damages caused by the breaker are removed by the filing operation Before shifting the glass upwards, the upper edges need to be heated thoroughly so that the film adheres more quickly Heating must be carried out by the non-film of the glass (that is, the window facing the outside)! Otherwise the film may burn! The glass needs to be lifted up before the film can stick to the bottom of the film

When sliding up the window, it enters between the glass roving Heating process, the film is done in the meantime If you like the video you're watching; You can subscribe to my channel and open notifications to be notified of my other videos! Hope to see you in a new video, goodbye!

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