Can You be Pulled Over For Dark Window Tint?

Can you be pulled over for window tint that's too dark? Yes, you can Hi, I'm Andrew Flusche, your Virginia traffic defense attorney, and this is a question that was submitted to us by one of our Facebook fans

If you have a question that you'd like me to answer of general applicability, please send me an email at andrew@andrewfluschecom, or just leave us a message on the Facebook page The question that was submitted was can you be pulled over for window tint that is too dark in Virginia? The answer is yes, because Virginia of course has tint laws The tint laws are very simple in Virginia You can't have any window tinting on your front windshield, so nothing on the front

You can have window tint on the side windows and on the rear window of your vehicle, so that's allowed However, there are different levels of tint that's allowed On your front windows, the window tint has to let through at least 50% of the light, so it's 50% tint is as dark as you can go On the rear side windows and the rear back window you can have up to 35% tint, so basically it lets through all the light except 35%, so it could be darker on the back windows and the rear windshield Those are the limits in Virginia, but if an officer just looking at your vehicle based on their training and experience, if they think that your tint looks too dark to them they can pull you over for that

The judge would say that's a reasonable traffic stop to think that you are committing a traffic violation They can give you a ticket for having tint or decals on your windows Then what they would do is they would actually pull out a tint meter It's a device that they use to actually measure the light transmission through the glass, and write a ticket accordingly if it's too dark If it's not too dark, you'd be free to go

The fan also asked what would happen if you got pulled over Would you be asked to take it off from the side of the road? The answer to that is no, normally not Normally you're going to get a ticket You'll have a court date, and if you do take off the window tint before the court date though, or have it removed or changed to legal tint, you would want to bring proof of that to court to show the judge that you remedied the problem Most judges that I know, if this is your first window tint offense, most judges will dismiss the case if you do remedy it and have proof at court, either proof of the receipts, or pictures of the vehicle, or something like that

You definitely want to bring proof though to show that everything's in order Like I said, if you have a question you'd like me to answer of general nature like this, please submit it through our Facebook page or by email I definitely would love to have some more fan questions, and we have a few more coming at you

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