E30 Build | TINT & TAILLIGHTS?!?!

– So we're about to get the car tinted up We're going 15% all around and then we're doing a Fitment Industries banner across the windshield

We're getting that done by Fox Valley Tint and Wrap, the number one tint specialist and detail and ceramic pro people in this building (laughs) – Thank you You better! (laughs) – We also got the wheels back from powder coat They are looking super good And we're waiting on the gold hardware to come in and the tires, and then we're gonna get these things mounted up on the car

And it should be lookin' pretty flossy (yawns) You like the pungent smell of gasoline in the morning? – [Steve] Oh yeah Gasoline smells good (tools thudding) So what're we doing? – Well, we're about to get the windows tinted on the E30 And this rear speaker tray needs to come out because the tinting guy said it's a pain in the ass to do it with that in there

So, we're gonna take (tool thuds) it off for him (tool clicks) (gentle music) (tray thudding) Not gonna lie, didn't think it'll be that easy Speaker one (speaker clicks) Speaker two (speaker clicks) Our brake light

Our brake light! (tray thudding) (Cory grunting) To put that back in One of the things on the parts list where they carbon fiber our speaker shelf – [Steve] Oh – So hopefully we get that (door thuds) – [Steve] So what's next? – Tint

(upbeat music) All right, so the E30 is being tinted right now so we figured it's the perfect time to rip out the taillights and get them tinted red We figured since we've been doing the whole Euro theme around the front with the clear side markers, we might as well keep it going around back So we got red nightshade that way we could delete the amber side markers and it should give it a nice Euro-cohesive look (upbeat music) (spray can whooshing) (spray can thudding) – Hi Steve – [Steve] Hi Cory

– How are you? – [Steve] I'm good, how are you? – I'm good – [Steve] What are you doing? – [Cory] I'm taking out the interior on the car – [Steve] Oh – Get it ready for the new seats New carpet

New everything – [Steve] That sounds fun, do you got something over here at the (beeps) end you want to show us? – Oh yeah That's our nice tinted taillights We went with the dark red So they look kinda black, they look kinda red

– [Steve] The lighting's not the greatest right here – Yeah Do you approve? – Why do you want me to answer that question? – [Steve] All right, so, if you ask me, I think they're a little dark – Same – [Steve] That's my personal preference

– I think they're – That they're a little bit dark – too dark, too – [Steve] But, I mean, when you– – [Cory] They look factory made – [Steve] When you back up over here, they look pretty good on camera – [Cory] It's the lighting in here too though

– So if Cory wants to be classy, we got him a new exhaust tip (Steve laughs) And a nice intake (hand thuds) To bump up that four-cylinder BMW motor a little bit (tool clicking) (Cory grunts) (seat thuds) (seat scraping) – [Steve] I don't think it goes up any farther, dude – It has to! – [Steve] I don't think it does, bro

I don't think it does – It has to! – Okay, and are you getting black carpet done? – [Cory] Hey, I got a screw – [Tayler] Where is it? – Can you give me a 10 millimeter socket? – [Tayler] Yeah – Thanks The first time in her life she was ever helpful

– [Tayler] Hey (beeps) (Cory and Steve laughing) (upbeat music) (Cory grunts) – Whoa! Well, Steve, the viewers asked us for a luxury interior I don't know about you (imitates car engine roaring) But, (carpet thuds) I don't think this is very luxury carpet So we got it ripped out

Got the car looking like a race car show right now Then we're gonna get some nice, black, plush, beautiful carpet in there for you guys And it's gonna be one hell of an E30 (lift scraping) Bad news We got a gas leak on the E30

It looks like it's coming from the top of the engine though, so looks like we'll be able to figure that out relatively easy So tune in next week to see if we get that fixed and what the issue is Don't forget, if you need wheels, tires, or suspensions, check us out at wwwfitmentindustriescom

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