HB 289: Stronger Tint for Vehicle Windows

(light upbeat xylophone music) – Hi, I'm Nichelle Aiden at the Capitol with Representative Lyman to talk about House Bill 289 regarding tinting your car windows Can you first tell us about your bill? – Sure; In Utah, you're allowed to tint your windows and you have a different tinting for the windshield, the front two windows, and then the back windows

Right now, there's no limitation on what your tint is on your back window, but the driver side and the passenger side window have a 43% visual light transmission regulation, which is quite a bit more light than is required in neighboring states And we just feel like it would resolve some problems if we would just make that a little bit lower bar and keep people from getting pulled over for having tinted windows – Perfect Why do you care so much about this issue? – Well, you know, I wouldn't say that I care so much about window tinting, but I do care a lot about personal freedoms and I don't see a need to have a law that is overly restrictive This one just seems like it's a little bit over the top on terms of what it will allow, so I'd much prefer to see a little bit more lenient regulations when it comes to that

We live in Utah If you come from New Mexico, you can have a window tint that's 20 compared to our 43 And I live right down in the Four Corners area, so we're next door to Colorado, which is at 23, New Mexico, which is at 20, Arizona, I think they're at 35, and we're at 43, and it just seems like, well, let's kind of find something on that lower end and then let people decide for themselves if they wanna have a lighter tint, but not criminalize people for having a dark-tint window – Okay, perfect For more information or to contact your legislator, just click on the link in the description below

– I would add one thing – Yeah – (laughing) Sorry – I mean, there's lots of reasons to do it It blocks UV rays, it's good for your skin, it prevents skin cancer, it's better for the interior of your car

I think the argument against it will be law enforcement, which I totally understand a concern about coming up to a car But in my mind, privacy issues are pretty important in this country, and so I support it for the privacy issues on the benefits side – Okay, perfect Thanks so much – Thank you

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