How The Tint World® Franchise Was Made

(upbeat music) – I started down when I was you know, 20 years old, moving down to Florida with two suitcases to look for going into the automotive business, and I wanted to do a car stereo business, and I saw that I wasn't getting the respect from landlords They didn't wanna rent to me, they didn't wanna you know, work with me cause they felt it wasn't like a real business

Like, car steroes, and after market we don't know, and then I went to the bank and said let me see if I can get a loan I had some money but I needed to really fund this business, and the bank was like no we don't really have any loans, and I'm like yeah but I was successful when I was in New York I came down here to open up a business, I know what I'm doing, and I have a good down stroke of money, and they just didn't we don't have a loan program for that, so after being down in Florida for a few months, I said I better really learn this business down in the area How do I know the vendors? How do I know good installers? How do I get staff? So I figure, let me go work for another company, and at the time I worked for one of the bigger companies, and I had a job working for them, and I got to really know the staff and the system and the way they worked It was an independent, but a bigger company, and after being down here for several months learning that, and trying to figure it all out, I ran into two cousins of mine, they're brothers

One was a year older, one was a year younger than me And they said you know, I said to them, so what are you doing now? Whatcha guys up to? And they said, well we bought a franchise in New Jersey, and it's really working out well for us And I said franchise? What made you buy a franchise? They said well it was a really good system that would allow us to be able to go into business and now we're running the franchise for about a year now, and already we're looking to open up a second store So the two of them want to run each one, but they were partners, and they just bought new houses, new cars, and I was intrigued that they really did so well so quickly So they gave me the contact to the franchise representative, and I contacted them

And then they sent me a qualification form which I filled out, and it took a couple of weeks, but I went back home, I was working, and I got notified that I was approved if I wanted to move forward So then I went back to the same brokers that was leasing properties out and I told 'em I'm with a franchise, and I just got approved and I'm looking to open up a business Oh, franchise, we love franchises We'll give you an end cap in the building, we'll build out the suphier, we'll give you a long lease I said but why would you let me do with a franchise, but you wouldn't let me do it myself? They said well we really like prestigious national name, we wanna really support that, and we're looking for really good brands to fill up all different brands in the centers

So that made me think And then I went to the bank, I spoke to the same person at the bank, and I said you know I got approved for this franchise and I whipped out the approval letter, and I showed her And she said, wow you know we have a special SBA loan program for that I said really? I says but why wouldn't you lend to me before? I said well this is, we go with approving business models, and this is one that's approved by the SBA, so we're able to, you know, fund this deal I said great! So for me, it was like I had so much support before I even actually joined the franchise that I felt that this is something that I could run with

If there's other things behind what else do I know that can help me grow faster? So I leveraged the platform of a franchise to build my own personal wealth and my own goals and careers Now that I realize that there was some value in this before even joining a franchise, I said wow you know I can get the landlords to deal with me, the banks to deal with me And I started talking to employees at the placethat I worked at, and they were like oh I'd love to work with that franchise, I like a good company like that I saw that there was this attraction to the franchise brand So, from that point I opened up my first store, a year later I did so well, I started to open up my second store

About two or three years later, I opened up my third store I did so well and it was like right out of the park I hit it every time So I found my stride with using their system I wound up doing this through 8 franchise locations And I got to a point that I decided you know, I could probably do this and help other people do what I'm doing

So I decided, you know, I wanted to go back into what I came down to Florida for, I came down to open up a car stereo accessory shop And that's when I decided I wanted to do my own franchise It was different, it was unique, and I felt there was a fun model, so I actually started to develop the franchise system of Tint World, and in 2007 I launched franchise for Tint World, and then from that point, we just started scaling a few a year Every year, we sold three more, five more, ten more, twelve more, and here we are today with over 60 locations in 4 different countries, and really getting ready to scale and grow And I'm so excited to help other people open up these businesses

And so the idea is what excites me most about Tint World is that initially it was only opening my own business that was allowing me to grow within a franchise system that I appreciated But now, I get to help others open up a system that I created and my team supports, so I can watch new locations open up for success over and over again every month, it's just an amazing experience to build a team, a tribe that all believe in the same brand and the same business system (upbeat music)

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