How to apply a pre-cut window tint | Fixed Window

– [Narrator] The following short video will show you in very simple stages how to apply a fixed side window piece from your pre-cut window tint kit When we receive your order our software sends the precise template for your vehicle to our cutting machine

All of our orders are supplied in reinforced postal tubes When you get your order, the first step is to unroll the tint and roughly cut around each of the window patterns using a pair of scissors For the best results you will need one of our fitting kits containing a range of squeegees and cleaning tools You'll also need a spray bottle containing water mixed with a few drops of Tint Slime (or washing up liquid) A few cloths or paper towels will also come in handy

Using the soapy water give the outside of the window a quick clean Then, clean the inside, using the razor blade to remove any dirt on the window Give the window another spray, and squeegee away the dirty water to the edge of the window until the window is dry Give the squeegee a wipe with a paper towel after each pass Spray the outside of the window with the soapy water and lay the tint on with the clear lining facing out towards you, making sure it matches the shape of the glass

This will hold the film in place while you peel away the clear lining Spray the inside of the window with the soapy water Carefully peel away the clear lining film and spray the exposed, sticky side of the tint, with soapy water Holding the film at its edges take it inside the car and place the sticky side onto the window, making sure there are no light gaps around the edge Lightly spray the outside of the tint with soapy water to allow the squeegee to move feely, and squeegee the water from behind the film, working from the middle out towards the edge, until all the water is removed

To remove any stubborn bubbles around the edge, use a white hard card wrapped in a paper towel And that's all there is to it Your vehicle and its contents will be more private, protected against the sun's rays, and cooler in every sense of the word Happy motoring

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