How to Apply Car Window Tint : Applying the Car Window Tint to the Outside Back Window

Hello! My name is Ron Sanders of Personal Touch Custom Auto World This is my assistant Sean and on behalf of Expert Village, we will now show you a one piece back window

As you could see we already have the window the tint I mean already cut out on the rear window What Sean is now doing again is heat shrinking to make sure that the tint is perfectly cut and perfectly sized to place in the widow The benefit of a window being done in one piece one it looks more professional Not to many could do this because it does require a lot of skills the more curved the window the more skill that is require to heat shrink As you could see it is one complete sheet that is being shrunk to fit the window exactly and it will be place inside the window

The window has already been cleaned all of the film as been heat shrinked After heat shrinking it Sean would peel off the plastic liner What he is now doing is making sure that the edges are even, not exposing any daylight It i s important to make nice smooth cuts along the edges this prevents the tint from peeling also In back window that are in piece especially when there is not a lot of room you want to make sure that you cut as close to the docamantrin as possible

If you leave it to big you would have difficulties trying to smooth out the tint because it is running into the molding of the back windows Again because the back window is a small area you want to make a precise cut Now he is removing the plastic liner and spraying the soap and water solution He already cleaned the back window and he is going to apply it to the window now and this concludes our segment on one piece back windows

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