How To Build An Infinity Mirror

Welcome back Thanks for joining me today on the King Of Random Recently I saw a product that looked like a stone archway with a hallway Extending behind it as far as the eye could see It was an illusion set up using a couple of mirrors and some lights to make it look like the hallway extended far beyond the actual dimensions of the product I thought it was a really cool idea and I wanted to build my own so the purpose of today's video is to show you How I'm going to build my own infinity mirror using a few easily available products the primary supplies We'll need for this project are a mirror and a piece of glass Approximately the same size as each other some styrofoam a couple of lights and some window tinting the other supplies I have around our equipment for building and decorating my infinity mirror This mirror was originally a baseplate designed to put candles on to decorate your home I picked it up at a craft store for around five bucks If you have a store near you that sells glass and will cut it for you to a custom size you can often get that For fairly cheap if that's not available you can often pick up a picture frame with a glass front We're pretty cheap I have the white styrofoam from Lowe's

It's a one-inch sheet of expanded polystyrene This actually comes in a 4-foot by 8-foot, sheet, but that didn't fit in my car So I had to cut it down into smaller sizes Which worked just fine for this project These battery-powered tea lights can often be found in any home decor section of a store And I like these ones because they flicker mimicking a real flame the window tinting I picked up at an autoparts supply store this particular Film blocks 35% of light you can go as high as 50% But you don't want to go any darker than that or it'll be too hard to see through the front window of your infinity mirror before we do anything else with a styrofoam on both sides it has a Plastic coating we want to peel that off So we have the raw foam because I cut this foam to fit into my car a lot of the edges aren't straight So I'm using my glass as a square to line up a new 90 degree angle I've got foam to cut, so I'm gonna be using our styro-slicer' that we've shown you in a few other videos If you haven't yet gotten around to building yourself a styro-slicer' don't worry most of what we're building today Can be done with just a razor blade the first thing we need to do is set up our mirror and our pane of glass Perfectly parallel to each other a few inches apart to start I'll cut out a large piece of styrofoam to use as our base I'll start with a base That's a little wider than it needs to be and I'll cut off some extra later, but to start off I'm going to take about three inches on either side of the mirror Now that we've got our bass, let's measure out two lines that we will carve down to become slots Which will hold the mirror and the glass in place? You'll have to decide how far apart you want your mirror and your pane of glass to be if they're closer together the repeating light Effect will also be closer together farther apart the lighting will look more normal, but the effect will be a little bit diminished I like to leave about 3 inches of space With our lines measured out we now need to cut grooves about halfway down into the foam I'm going to use this handsaw You want to be sure that the saw is perfectly perpendicular to the poem so that your slots are straight up and down with The slots the way, we've cut them our pane of glass will fit into the slots But our mirror is a little bit thicker so we need to widen that slot so it fits well to widen the slot for the mirror Let's just take a piece of sandpaper and wrap it around a popsicle stick and run it through the groove We need to make sure that our mirror and our glass stay perfectly parallel to each other so let's make another piece of foam that will go on top of the two and hold them straight up and down this piece of Foam, I want to be about one inch narrower on both sides of the glass this piece of foam in the end will be entirely covered up by the decorative parts of the infinity mirror it needs to hold the Pane of glass in the mirror in place, but it doesn't need to be as extensive as the bases The grooves that will hold the mirror and the glass on our base are three inches apart So if there are three inches apart on the top as well the two planes should be perfectly parallel Now because my pane of glass is a little bit smaller than my mirror my one inch thickness of foam is actually not thick enough To build a cap on top of this So I'm going to cut another piece identical to this one Slice it on the lines that I've marked and then glue it all together to make a piece that will hold our pane of glass And our mirror steady That should hold our two pieces pretty well Gluing styrofoam together can be tricky some kinds of glue will dissolve or melt your styrofoam What I'm going to be using today is a very low heat glue gun It's cool enough that the glue Shouldn't melt the styrofoam at all feels like you're working pretty well Trying to leave just enough room that the pane of glass will fit nicely of course on this side I need to leave enough room for the slightly wider mirror just To reinforce the glue on putting a strip on the outside here as well Our styrofoam cap lines up pretty well with our two panes of glass But it's still having a little bit of a hard time fitting nicely onto the mirror so to make it conform Even more perfectly to the shape, I'm going to use a piece of sandpaper on top of the mirror and carve it down like that We've got our base and our cap piece Which are holding our mirror and our pane of glass perfectly? Parallel to each other so now it's time to start adding some more pieces to make this a little more decorative the first piece I'll add will act as a sort of facade I'm going for sort of a castle theme on this Infinity mirror so what I want is a piece that comes up on the sides and just makes a nice face for the whole thing On this calf you can see one of the pieces of styrofoam sticks out a little bit farther than the top piece of styrofoam So I'm going to trim it down so the two are flush to make this facade I'm actually going to cut three pieces of styrofoam One for each side and one that will go across the top I'll start by cutting a two inch wide strip from this styrofoam Next I'll measure the height so it comes up to the same place as the top of the cap We will want our side pieces to overlap the glass a little bit, so let's use our hand saw and cut some more grooves Looking good so far Let's add a few more details with the cat piece and the two side supports added I'm going to make a single facade piece that will raise up higher than the level of our cap This area here is where we'll be able to see the glass so this part of the styrofoam will be removed and the rest of It will stay There we go that looks pretty good now I want to add a curved archway So I'm going to trace out our facade and figure out a good shape that will fit entirely on it I don't want the archway to be quite as wide as the facade and I'm going to have it come in just a little bit I'm gonna make that a little bit larger because I do want it to extend beyond the corners here All right, I'm gonna give this a rough cut with the razor blade, and then I'll go around all the detail edges with the styro-slicer' Beautiful leave that it will turn into a fantastic stone archway our decorative pieces are coming along nicely now I'm going to add a strip across the back of the cap and another piece that goes on top of the whole thing Let's measure how high we need that strip to be Now let's measure a piece that goes on top of the beam We just added and our facade act as a cap on top of the whole thing I do want it to extend about an inch ahead of the facade This line represents the front of the facade, so I'm going to extend it about one inch beyond there While I measure this cat piece that was going on top And then I decided I actually wanted to extend about an inch off to the sides as well So I'm going to trace this out onto another piece of styrofoam

Just adding a couple inches to the width new piece Cut I like that fit a lot better with it extending off of the sides as well as the front I want to start gluing things together, so it's more structurally sound as I finish it up, but before I do that There's a few more decorative elements I need to add to these pieces The structural and the decorative pieces are both ready to go But before we start assembling everything permanently we need to clean the mirror and the glass and attach our darkening film to the glass pane That's static electricity making our styrofoam stick to everything right now Let's take our darkening film and stretch it over our piece of glass Then we'll cut out a piece leaving a border about an inch and a half wide around the whole pane The film has a dark side and a clear side, which is just used to make it So it doesn't stick to yourself while you're preparing it for This next step, I'm using this window film application solution But you can also just use soapy water Spray both the glass and the film so that as we lift the film and place it onto the glass It's not sticking to everything everywhere So at this point our film is on our glass But it's still got all sorts of this soapy liquid inside it so we need to use a sort of squeegee to press all that Out and make sure that the film and the glass make Contact since I've got it laying around I'm going to use a piece of styrofoam as my squeegee starting in the middle and pushing all the bubbles out toward the edge That sounds horrible, but it is working Our film is now pressed down over the whole glass pane So I'm going to take the razor blade and trim off all of the extra We've got the film attached to the glass and the glass and mirror are both nice and clean, so let's start assembling everything When you're putting the glass in make sure that the side with the film on it is facing the mirror the film might take a day or so to Completely dry and stick to the glass so when you're putting it into the little slot Be careful that you're not causing it to peel up To make sure that the test-fit works with our facade piece here Liking that too All right Let's take our glue gun and start attaching some of the pieces more permanently This piece I could attach right now But I am gonna be doing some painting on this and to make sure that I'm easily able to paint the inside edges of some Of these parts, I'm gonna attach this piece later I am going to trace where it is so that I know up to what point I can add the paint now We've got most of it, built and all we need to do is add a couple of side pieces to seal it off I Glued one side on but not the other because we need to have access to be able to put things in between the two reflective Surfaces we have our two lights, but we don't want them to just sit in the box So let's make a little stand for each light There we have it all of our pieces of the infinity mirror in place All we have left to do is a little bit of painting and secure everything down I've got the whole thing covered in a layer of acrylic paint and now just make it pop a little extra I'm gonna use some black ink in my airbrush There we have it the decorative housing for the infinity mirror is now complete all this left to do is secure these two bases down Inside turn on the tea lights and watch it go And Now instead of gluing this on because we want to be able to reach in and out and turn the tea lights on and off So we don't run out of battery I'm going to be using a couple pieces of bamboo skewer poke through the foam to hold this piece in place There we go now we can easily pull out both of these bamboo skewers And we need to reach in and out there you have it that is how you can build your very own Infinity mirror of course with this one the lights are not super powerful So it's more like a really really long mirror having quite reached infinity I chose a castle theme because I thought the orange color of the lights mixed really well with that idea But you don't have to use this theme if you have a different color lights you can go with a different design theme Even if you have the same color lights you can choose what you want yours to look like I just like castle stuff I think The effect works the best if your infinity mirror is pushed up against a light-colored Wall it really helps with the contrast of the darkness of the tunnel with the light of the wall making it look like it's going Through what its resting up against one more thing that I want to mention is this actually looks better in real life We're pretty limited by the low light abilities of our camera But when you're seeing it with your eyes the flames really pop out and they do seem to be disappearing into the wall I really had fun showing you how I built this today, and I hope you had fun watching it Thanks for joining us for this project and we'll see you in the next one Talk to you then oh That's fantastic oh My ears are gonna ring for days after that now

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