How To Remove Window Tinting

What's up everybody! We're making a video real quick on how to remove your window film That was the first request that came through on a recent poll for some videos that we should make and it's one that I've been wanting to make for a long time

We're gonna do a quick and dirty just stripping the film off, scraping it with razor blades and then we'll show you the difference when you use heat or steam – I got a steamer for the opposite window So let's jump right into it Alright so we got a window right here it's got existing dealer film on it It might be hard to see on the camera but you actually see it's faded at the top where the top doesn't get exposed to sunlight So on this one we're gonna go ahead – and this window is slightly warm it was just sitting out in the sunlight – we were trying to move quick

It's a real crapshoot on whether or not it will leave glue behind so I always try it by itself without any steam, and so that's that's all glue residue that's left behind So on this one we're going to go ahead and bring it down about that far, and then something handheld gives you a little bit more leverage with your blade, it'll make your blade also go farther These are stainless steel GEM blades, not blades that you get from like Home Depot They are not as strong, they break and when you break it you can risk gouging the glass and stuff like that so these won't scratch the glass, if they're brand new A little slip solution, paper towels for the glue otherwise it'll ruin your towels and you want to keep a low angle, don't do this don't get too obtuse with it

Keep a nice low angle and you want to overlap like a lawnmower and just basically cut through the cut through the glue the blades dull out pretty quick, so more and more pressure is kind of needed You can see just how much it's dulling that fast You can flip it and you got another sharp side So you'll probably go through – I don't know judging by how this is going so far – I'll probably burn through three maybe five blades on this one window You just want to be systematic about it try to see every spot of glue

You can actually feel the glue as the razor blade goes over it like you can feel the vibration transfer through to your your hand You can also rub your hand over like this and you'll feel glue left behind that you might not see See how buttery it is when it's a fresh blade? You want to try to get as much as you can so nice long strokes ♬ Up-Beat Music ♬ So technique number two: now this is just your standard $20 Walmart garment steamer Essentially the film is a sticker, it's glued – when it comes in it's probably cold – getting it hot is going to make the glue pliable and some film products will come off with literally zero glue left behind if you get it to the right temperature

So sometimes you don't even need to heat it up which is why I always test at first to see how it's gonna come off and then for the purposes of this video we're going to just use steam on this side to see how it goes but yeah let's see what you see what happens Basically we're gonna hold it up here and just wait for it to get hot You feel the outside of it until you can't touch it anymore Then then you know how hot it is, get a razor blade underneath it and start peeling it back and ideally it'll come off with no glue So also real quick, one of the techniques that I do to help it peel off easier is make a cut

Don't push down hard or else you could scratch the glass but essentially just make a trim in the film to score it so that you can keep 100% coverage while you're moving it you don't have to like move up while you're peeling off one huge layer film – you'll see how that plays out in a second I want to get a get an edge started and you can put gloves on to not burn yourself, steams hot! Essentially you want to get this going and So it looks like it's clear but we've got blue left behind nonetheless so sometimes it doesn't matter like how hot you get it or how much steam you use, the films gonna leave glue behind regardless and so you just have to scrape it When you do this though, the glue will still be that much more pliable and gummy, it'll come off that much easier under your razor blade if it's hot but if it's leaving glue like this behind essentially this is a waste of time so I'll just peel it off like I did on the other side and use a razor blade, it's a faster route to go If I didn't make that clear like I just cut a slit in here to keep 100% coverage of the steamer because if I peel it off all in one piece I gotta move the steamer all over the place to keep the whole thing warm so it just keeps it – like when it does peel off with no glue it'll get hot quick and you just kind of roll with it right on the way down So I forgot to mention earlier that this is the other important tool for removal to get into the edges so a little water in the sides and the bottom and extend this out You want to keep a low angle but you want to flex it and get in there and just multiple passes that'll get the glue from the harder to reach areas

So this tool definitely critical to get all this glue out of these sides It's usually where we see the most glue left behind when people come in and strip their own windows, I just wanted to add that little point and then also a corner card in the towel afterwards – get in there and get any glue that might have fallen down into the bottom of the edges because as you go up and down on the window to get ready for the install it could get stuck to the glass and pull back up Thanks for watching guys, how to remove window film A quick and dirty way just peeling it using razor blades if you're going to go that route, multiple razor blades – good stainless steel razor blades – using the steamer As we make more and more videos there's multiple techniques to use, sometimes they're successful sometimes they're not, so we'll keep trucking away at them and show you like how different films have different results in terms of the removal process

I'll show you how to 'bag' windows with either film liners or trash bags and you know the next ones will have a steamer that hopefully will take the glue off with it So thanks for watching guys comment below if you have questions, if you have techniques that you want to share with us that'd be awesome If you want to message me about anything privately for help on like your installs, removal or anything like that, don't hesitate! Thanks for watching!

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