How to Tint Your Car

Welcome to the new Mighty Car Mods section, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance! In the last section, we taught you how to remove the shadows from the car yourself – – If you want to put new shadows on a professional, you will save $ 100 in time – – Because they don't have to detach it! But you don't necessarily need to take your car to a professional! Not even yours, because today we teach you how to self-darken your car windows at home! In the last section we showed a few ways you can remove the darkening of your mother's car – – Using a hot air blower, hair dryer, avocado and raw power This time we show the darkening of the glasses using a high-quality darkening film that makes the glass look gorgeous and black

Here are the tools you need to install a darkening: You need a good quality film (which we'll talk about later), you also need a variety of shavings to get darkening in place and such a Teflon-coated spatula that slides well over the dark you need a hot air blower, a knife, a water (in a nebulizer) with a dishwashing detergent and tape so you don't ruin the dark The most important part of this work is purity Dishwashing liquid and water (at the nebulizer) are the best way to remove grease and dirt from both sides of the windows Why on both sides? Therefore, because the outer window is used as a stencil for cutting and the membrane is inserted into the inner tube If the car has a rear window wiper or rear brake light on the other side of the glass, you need to cut it around Let's start with the rear of the car, which is the hardest part of darkening the glasses

We try to get a flat darkening on curved glass and we need a hot air blower We've put darkening on the glass and cut it into shape and now we're getting hot! Darkening plastic begins to shrink when using heat It's easy to melt through the plastic if you're not careful so go slow We put the light in the trunk so that we can see exactly the outline of the rear window Depending on the darkness of the film you choose, you do not need to do this step

The shading membranes are of different darkness and are marked with a VLT (Visual Light Transmission) percentage The most common ones are 35%, 20%, 15%, 10% and 5% Those numbers tell you how much light the transparencies let go through If you have a 35% diaphragm, it means that when the 100% exterior light comes into the window, 35% of the light comes in My Foresteris has a 35% membrane, a small Blue Turd has a 10% film, and Civic has a 5% film, who was illegal, so dark that it didn't look out, it looked terrible and the former owner was probably so ashamed of his car, so it was so dark

If you want a JDM style, it is illegal to darken the front windows in Japan, the rear windows can be darkened as you like In my opinion, it is better to make all the windows, you can put different darknesses in different areas, But today we put 20% of the film everywhere and this car will be Stormtrooper style, it will emphasize the dark rims and will look great! The membrane is glued to a wet, flat surface that is convenient when you remove the glue-protective plastic film The adhesive side is facing the window Use a spatula to insert the membrane and squeeze any air bubbles away from the center It's black! Many people who try to darken their glass are not happy with their results, usually due to the cheap Ebay film

The cheap "membranes" aren't really membranes, but two plastic layers between which a toner is blown to give darkness Good quality films, like this one, consist of a three-layer metal, and this can be UV-protected and scratch-resistant – – And if you want a good quality work that lasts, you need to buy a decent film Get the whole car darkened for about $ 150 Avoid cheap film because it doesn't help, it doesn't last, it's hard to put on and it doesn't look good And why would you hurt your car by putting in a cheap film? It would be the same thing you would insult Initial D using cheap tofu instead of quality typhoon! It's a waste of time, don't use a cheap film Here we have a surplus plastic back cover

We are going to use this as a stencil to get the right size film in front – – put it here, cut it into shape, then put the darkening film and cut it into shape Place the stencil on the double-folded film to cut the left and right window membranes at the same time Make sure you cut the front and bottom edges perfectly The top and rear edges can thus be trimmed when the film is on the glass When the film is cut to the correct shape, place it outside the window and trim it to fit

Check that the glass is very clean and remove the old adhesives with the blade After doing this, remove the plastic layer and place the film in the inner window Place it slightly above and slide it down under the window pocket rubber Squeeze the air out of the center outward, ensuring that the window is very slippery so as not to break the film Use plastic spatulas to ensure that the film is well in the window and does not snag The same method is used for rear and side windows

Sometimes it is easier to put the film in place by hitting it gently with your hand We also cut the film backwards We don't need a stencil because all the light coming from the back container is enough to see the contours Do not use your windows for a few days to ensure the membranes are properly attached That was it! Darkening your own car's glasses costs about $ 150 if you use a good quality film

Don't be harsh to yourself if it doesn't look great the first time Professionals doing these every day have the right tools and experience to ensure a good result But I recommend doing it myself, because it makes you happy that you have installed the dark shades and look great! Precisely! And if something goes wrong, you can watch the last video so you can remove the darkening – – Then you can watch this video again, and if it doesn't work, try again all the time until you finally get a great darkening! Speaking of great things, check out our 3rd Mighty Car Mods, there are lots of great things to do, technical things, do-it-yourself, interviews, Japanese drifting and more A lot of great stuff! We'll give you a 10% discount when you go to the address below and use the word "TINT" (no longer valid) And you will love it, you learn things and you have fun! – Hey Martin! – See you! – Bye! Next to Mighty Car Mods: Subtitles and translation / Subtitles and translation: Magestig