How to tint your windows for super cheap

Hey guys, what's up Reuben here from The Midnight Garage? So I wanted to have the windows tinted of my JDM Honda Acty So that's what this video is going to be about but since I really do not have the patience to tint my windows myself I brought in a lovely assistant This is Sanne and she's gonna show you guys how to tint your windows The first step is to clean your window properly from both the inside and the outside While Sanne is cleaning I'm going to show you guys I am going to show you guys the window tine I'm going to use this is limo black which is super black It is really important if you buy window tint film that you do not bend or fold the foil at any chance once you've bent it, you're going to see that once you place it on the window So do not ever bend or fold this foil The next step is to cut everything up to size and Make it slightly larger than the window you're actually going to be tinting Usually about one inch on each side is good enough, but we're probably going to make it slightly bigger than that It is important to know that the foil has a protective film I've already removed a little bit so I can show you guys

You need to remove the protective film beforehand Which is an absolute horrible job to do so as you can see right now There we go Fortunately, our foil is slightly larger so that's fine But it is important that you remove the protective film first because the adhesive layer is right underneath here, and it needs to be activated by water So we need to do that first So now we've got a very large piece of window tinting foil right down my JDM Honda CR-X and now we need to spray it in with water so that the adhesive layer is going to be activated and Then we also need to do to same on the inside the window And the next step is to install the film And this is a really tough job to do so, we're going to do this together And the next step is to grab a squeegee and Remove all those wrinkly lines that you see And this is a very tedious process You need to really take your time in removing everything The best way is to start from one side and work your way all the way to the other side But the most important thing is to take your time as you can see Sanne started all the way from the right side of the car and it's moving all the way down to the left side this way all these little folds and creases slowly are removed It's actually great for an ASMR video it's pretty peaceful to look at And Sanne do you like to do this? No! I want to tint my front windows as well But since in Holland is actually illegal to tint them as much as I am tinting the rear window so I got some very light Window film for the front windows It's like 95 percent of something and that's what I'm going to use for the front windows, but as I'm going to show you right now It's easier to remove the door panel completely and then remove the window completely Rather than tinting the window from the inside because this window is removable that makes it a little easier for me One tiny problem that we have right now I kind of forgot that Once you put your foil on it needs to dry Well preferably for four days But at least for one day so that means that I cant put my window back for at least a day now fortunately the JDM Honda Acty is not going anywhere, but it's something to keep in mind if you start doing this Especially if you need to do this in less than one day the rear windows are done I am very happy with the result

Limo black! The side windows are done as well If you look from the inside when I don't see Anything but the rest of the windows are done as well Now the only thing that's left Are these windows They need to dry I put the other one in the Suzuki cappuccino right here

So that one can dry as well and Now it's just time to wait I'm just gonna check back Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, then I'll put the windows back and I will see how it looks, right Sanne Well guys, it's a few days later I have window tint here and now it's time to put everything back That was the last window window I think that it looks pretty good What do you guys think? Well guys thats it for today I think I've spent around twenty seven twenty eight dollars and that's mainly because I worked with two different shades If you have never done this before I can imagine that it's a good idea to buy just a little bit of extra foil Just so that if something goes wrong You can reapply some other film The total time we spend if you don't count the drying time for the windows So if you were to leave your windows in place I think the total time was about five six hours I am sure there has never been a how to tint your window video on YouTube before Never! I'm pretty sure to like a million of them, but at least now there are 1000

001 So that's it for today! If you look on top of my JDM Honda Acty You might be able to see something that is for a future video not going to tell you what though Sneaky sneaky And that's everything I wanted to say today So thanks for watching See you guys next time

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