Jeep Wrangler JK Smittybilt OEM Replacement Top w/ Tint (2010-2018 2 Door) Review & Install

This Smittybilt OEM-style replacement soft top with tinted windows in black diamond is for those of you that have a 2-door, 2010 to 2018 JK that are looking for a factory replacement soft top that's going to look and function pretty much just like a factory top would This is going to be very easy one out of three wrench installation but we'll talk you through that in just a second

So when you are shopping for an aftermarket soft top, you're really going to fall into one of three different categories, one is going to be what we're talking about today, a replacement soft top and this is designed for those of you that already have a soft top frame, all of the hardware, and really just need the new soft material and the new windows and these are gonna be fairly inexpensive because they're not going to include a lot of hardware with them If you're coming from a hardtop or you have a soft top frame that's not in good condition, you would be looking for something in that second category and that's going to be a complete replacement soft top That's going to include things like door surrounds, all of the frame, your tailgate bar, all of your headers, everything that you need to get a soft top installed Again that's gonna be a little bit more expensive but very, very complete And finally, the third category is something that is not an OEM-style top at all

Those are going to be your fastback tops, they're gonna look different, they're gonna function differently You're going to have a few different features built into them usually and some of them are going to vary in price from more expensive than a factory top to less expensive depending on what features are included But again coming back to the top we're talking about today this is a replacement soft top, so for those of you that already have a soft top and just need that new soft material Now there are tops that are kind of all over the price range when it comes to a replacement top There's some that are made of very, very high-quality materials and may have a few additional features that are gonna be very expensive and then tops like this, these are going to be pretty much your basic run-of-the-mill top

There's not a lot of additional bells and whistles here The material is not going to be a premium material, a sailcloth material, anything heavier than what would have come on this Jeep out of the factory So if that's what you're looking for, something pretty basic, this can save you some money So this is going to include the soft material, of course, all three windows As it says in the title, these are the tinted windows and this is designed to go directly onto that soft top frame

This is not going to be something akin to a premium material out of the factory It's not going to be something like Bestop's twill material which is very thick, it looks a little better, wears a little better, is more insulative This is going to be a little bit more basic again but if you're somebody who is running your soft top only in those spring and summer months and you're not looking for something that's going to give you a ton of protection from the elements or you're somebody who just isn't looking for a lot of longevity from their top, they just wanna throw something on there that's a little bit less expensive, this is going to be an excellent choice for you So speaking of the price, this top is going to come in at right around $250 which is going to be a really good deal for a top like this Again, a lot of them are going to be more expensive, even other replacement tops that don't have a lot of other bells and whistles or don't include the frame are still going to be more expensive

So this is going to be on the lower end of the price range So I mentioned before this is a one out of three wrenches for the installation Now let me show you how to get it installed on the Jeep So like I said, this is a very easy one out of three wrench installation and the first step is going to be removing the soft materials from your factory frame and the first step in doing that, is removing the windows You simply zip them out and remove them from the Jeep

The rear window is going to zipper out just like the side windows The only difference is that you will have to disconnect the tailgate bar from the window once the window is removed from the Jeep and that will just slide out one side or the other Now release the latches over the windshield Now we'll put the top about halfway back so you can see the screws that we need to release for the next step So it's gonna be these screws that hold the fabric onto this hoop about halfway down the Jeep that goes directly over the sound bar that we'll have to remove next

The next step is going to be removing the four screws that go across the rear hoop We have the top in a half down position but whatever position makes it easiest for you to access these screws is going to be best So while we have the top in this sort of half down position, we'll go ahead and do the next step which is removing a couple of screws that hold the soft material onto the header and also removing the cable tensioning mechanism while we're in this area, so we're gonna do that on both sides before moving to the next step So these two screws are gonna be underneath a little bit of foam right from the factory If your foam hasn't completely deteriorated and worn off yet, you can use a razor knife, a screwdriver, your fingernail whatever it is to clear some of that foam out of the way so you have access to the screw heads

So now that the screws are removed, we'll go ahead and remove the spring tensioner that is on the cable mechanism Once the top is in this half back position, there is no tension at all on that cable, so it's very easy to just maneuver it so that it pops off of the small hole that's on the frame itself Go ahead and repeat the process on the other side The final step in the uninstall is to essentially put the top into the full up position just without attaching the top itself to the top of the windshield frame and then flipping the entire top over itself onto the hood, what that's going to do is give us access to the last few screws that are holding the header onto the top The final step is going to be disassembling the header so that it releases the top

The top is actually clamped between two pieces of the factory header So in order to take that apart, there are a bunch of screws across the top of the header that need to be removed Take your time, remove each of them, and make sure that you know which screw goes where because there are a couple of different types and you wanna make sure you put them back in the right spots Now that all the screws are removed, you can take the top half of the header off, which will then allow the rest of the soft top to be released Now that of the factory top is completely removed, we can start installing our new Smittybilt top and that's going to happen in exactly the way that we uninstalled the factory top, so starting in the front with the top flipped upside down across the hood, and then attaching the header

Now the header is the most difficult part of this install because you're trying to get two halves of the header lined up with the top in between them and then get some screws started It will help to have an extra set of hands around or, in our case, we're going to use a little bit of tape to hold the top into the header just to get things started That's going to be something that will make it a lot easier for you as well, even if you do have a second set of hands around, having a little bit of tape there will be helpful and I'll show you exactly how to use that in just a second We'll go ahead and pull the top up toward the header, and there is a small piece of plastic that's sewn into the top and that needs to lay in this front channel there which it lays in there very easily, the problem is there's nothing to really hold it in place while you get the upper half of the channel lined up, so that's where we're gonna use a little bit of tape So we'll see if we can get it lined up left to right pretty much where we want it, we'll grab a little bit of tape, and see if we can pin it in place

So once the top is taped into the channel, you can take the upper half of the header, set it into place where it's going to go, and get a couple of the screws started So once you have a couple of screws started holding the top into place, you can go ahead and install the rest of the screws across the top of the header and this is where you wanna be careful which screws you're using These ones have a slightly larger head and those are gonna be the ones that go on either side where the header actually attaches onto the frame itself Once that header is bolted back together and the top is firmly attached to the Jeep, we can flip the top over the rest of the frame and attach the couple of screws that go on the underside of the header Once the top is flipped back over the rest of the frame, you'll flip the Sunrider feature back in order to access the two screws that go on the underside on either side of the top and that's where the tensioning cable mechanism attaches onto the header

Now we can attach the end of the cable onto the header and the last couple of screws that attach this flap onto the header as well Once the screws are tightened down, you can replace the weatherstripping The kit comes with a couple of adhesive pieces The larger piece goes right here over top of those two screws and then there is a more narrow piece that replaces this piece up here on the factory header So we'll go ahead and peel off the factory piece and then we just have to repeat the process on the other side

So the next step is to attach the cable onto the header, this is what's going to give all the tension to the top and the last little bit of fabric that attaches the top onto the header also goes in that same spot So this is reinforced with a little bit of plastic The plastic is obviously pre-punched but the material is not So there are a lot of different ways to do this, you can find the way that works best for you What works best for me is to actually get the screws, again, this is the factory hardware started through the plastic so you can set it right through the plastic and then thread it through this fabric material

So once you get it started there, it just makes it a lot easier to line it up through this metal plate and finally into the two holes in the header So that's what I'm gonna do now So once the screws are started through the fabric, it's a lot easier to line up the metal plate that's attached onto the cable like so and then get the whole thing lined up with the two screw holes in the header Once those are tightened down, there're a couple of small pieces of weatherstripping that you'll wanna attach The first piece goes over top of the heads of the screws that we just drove in

You can see where the old weatherstripping was This is pretty well flattened down We're gonna just leave that in place and go over top of it If you wanted to, you could go ahead and remove that before putting the new weatherstripping down Then there's also a narrow piece that goes in the front here

This factory piece is still there and in pretty good condition but we'll go ahead and replace it anyway So once that weatherstripping is stuck down in place, the last step that you really have to do while you're in this position is attaching the other end of the cable with the spring mechanism onto the soft top frame So that's gonna go in that factory location You can just go ahead and loop it from the inside out Now we'll flip the Sunrider closed in order to line up the top with the rest of the frame to install the rest of the screws

So now we have the back half of the top flipped up so you can see what we're doing here You can also do this with the top and a half up position from the inside of the vehicle Again, whatever makes it easiest for you to reach the top and the bar and attach these screws What's most important about this step is that this seam which is actually on the top of the top is lined up at the top of this bar when you attach the flap onto the bar If you pull this flap too tight or leave it too loose, you will visually be able to see that from the outside of the Jeep when the top is up

So go ahead and line up the top seam here with the top of the bar, wrap the flap around the bottom of the bar, and then you can take one of those factory screws, go through the flap into the existing threaded hole that's in this crossbar And just repeat that process all the way across the bar Now we'll flip the rest of the top back in order to screw the top to the rear bar We'll put the factory hardware through the tab in the material and into the frame just like we did on the other hoop Once the top is fully screwed on to the frame, you can go ahead and attach the top onto the windshield frame

Once the top is attached onto the top of the windshield frame, you can attach the rear corners into the J-channel on top of the tub Finally, you'll be able to install your new windows Before we install the rear window, we'll install these elastic loops These are there so that when you roll up the back window, you have a way of storing it so it doesn't just unroll and roll back down on you So these have a built-in snap and there's also a snap on the inside of the factory soft top frame, so all you need to do is line up the snaps and give them a little push

And one over here Before zippering the rear window into place, you have to install the tailgate bar onto the window This is a very simple process There's a small piece of plastic sewn into the bottom of the window, similar to the front of the top where we sandwiched that into the header You're going to slide that into the open track on your tailgate bar

So once you get it started here, should go pretty easily And once that's done, you can go ahead and zipper the rear window into place So if you are looking for an inexpensive and basic replacement soft top for your JK, I would recommend this choice from Smittybilt and you can find it right here at extremeterraincom

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