Missouri City, Texas Tint World Franchise Owner Interview

(light upbeat music) – My name is Sam Jowkari I'm a co-owner for this location store 049

– My name is Dhaval Patel My partner and I own the store – This store has been open for about a month – We were looking for independent store or a franchising store and by searching on Google we found Tint World and once we made our first contact we get first very nice impression Normally first impression is the best impression

When we contacted Anthony from the Tint World headquarters and he made it very easy for us, explaining everything All the details that will make us to move forward with the Tint World – The training program was very, very helpful for us and we learned many, many things including how first time owners should run the business This is the most important thing and still we are challenged with that one – The training program was very helpful to us as we are new as part of doing business for the first time

Also it helped us a lot to learn and understand Tint World franchising Training program was very easy going and very helpful Since the day one when we contacted the corporate [Office] they are helping us on each and every single step Jeff helped us out to find the right location, at a good price for us Also, Charles is there available anytime when we call him

He provided all the support that we needed or he directed us to the right person to provide the support – Corporate is always there already 24-7 (laughs) Answer our questions by phone call, emails or in social media – Right now as a Tint World franchisee we offer tinting, detailing, ceramic coating, PPF, car audio/video, like 12 volts We do radio replacement with the Bluetooth hands free calling, speaker replacement, amplifiers, sub-woofer

In the near future we are going to expand to the bedliners, LED, HID lights and lift accessories and all other products that we can offer My personal favorite is a ceramic coating Ceramic coating once you've done to the customer's car, you don't have to do the waxing Your car shine stays the same for a longer time Also, ceramic coatings have a good profit margin that you can make good money out of that one

– The local marketing so far we did and we're going to continue that one is about advertising by door to door, EDM, which means deliver and advertise by each door So far for the clients we've got a very wide [Variety] from the student, from a $100 job to so for we had something more than $2000 job since this short term we have been open – For the future franchisee owner this is a great opportunity We have great support from the headquarter and you're also going to get a good profit margin and you're going to have a great chance to get more revenue and fulfill your dreams – So far I'm learning to keep in touch with the corporate

Corporate helps with you guy's, whatever you need Tells you to stay in the right direction – Plan for the near future we're going to expand one more franchisee store here in Houston area

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