NGS Glass -Window Film Meter Educational Series Episode #4 : Window Energy Profiler

hi my name is James Beale managing partner for NGS welcome back to our meter series where we discuss five really cool meters that we've identified to help build an effective business case to sell high profile window film projects in today's episode we're gonna talk about this guy which is the window energy profiler so let's go take a look at how you can use it so this is the window energy profiler tool so this tool as you can see shows UV transmission visible light infrared which is primarily the cause of heat and solar heat gain coefficient so today what I'm going to show you where we would use this his hat is basically to identify what the film type is on an existing building that has existing film that you don't know what that film spec is so we're gonna go in here and use this example we pulled this film off of our office and we did not put it up so we don't know what it is it obviously looks like a solar bronze but we don't know what type so to qualify that we use the in the energy window energy profiler and you can see it's got a 16% visible light transmittance and no UV about 9% infrared solar heat gain coefficient about 02 9

3 so this tells me that this is about a solar Braun's 20 20 % VLT typically you know the manufacturers will just use the closest number though Ram will number to the visible light so we would assume that's a solar bronze 20 okay that's a wrap people thank you for watching our meter series remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel below and all of the meters that we discussed in our series can be found at EDT mcom also if you're a customer and you have a project you'd like to engage NGS on please contact us at the information below thank you so much and have an amazing day you

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