NU-VUE Window Films Quick Tip: Tinting Your Windows After Buying a Home/Remodeling

Welcome to NU-VUE Window Films' Quick Tip of the Day Most of you when you purchased a new home or new windows for your home remodel, you were told by the window manufacturers NOT to tint your windows

Otherwise you void any warranty that they have on it That is true, although we do have films that are proven safe for dual-pane windows At NU-VUE Window Films, we only use the top-of-the-line manufacturers for our products Therefore you would get a warranty that backs up any manufacturer's warranty This allows you to increase the heat reduction of your windows

reduce the amount of UV rays extra that are coming in, and reduce the glare down Therefore you CAN put window films on the glass as long as we follow the strict film to glass recommendation charts At here at NU-VUE Window Films, we always recommend Whether you use us or use someone else, make sure they are a licensed contractor in the state of California Do yourself a favor Please contact NU-VUE Window Films at 619-994-2882 To learn more Thank you

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