Professional Window Tinting Residental 3M window film installed. Happy customer.

This is SKYLER from Professional Window Tinting we're here Mr John Hicken's house we just currently did these big bay windows for right here he was having excessive fading on the floors plus a lot of glare plus heat so John what is the reason they you decided to go ahead and get the window tinting done? the main reasons was the floors took some pictures you can see three different colors in here, I probably should have done it years ago looks like its going to work great

So now you have to get the floors refinished? A guy will come in about 3 weeks to sand and refinish hopefully I wont have to go through this again How about the glare does does seem like there's a big main differences between then and now? there is a hell of a difference, you can see where that door over there where the glare is coming in and compared to here it is like night and day now as far as quality of work does it seem like it is up to par to you? you guys did a GREAT JOB, it looks great alright so the main issues was glare and also the fading on the floors as you can see here well I hope you enjoyed your experience with 3M Window Tinting & the job that we did and we hope they have a nice day

I certainly did and I would recommend you guys anytime I certainly did and I would recommend you guys anytime

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