Riverhead, NY Tint World Franchisee Interview

(calm music) – My name is Stacy Kjaer This is my husband, Timothy Kjaer

We have two locations One is in Medford and one is in Riverhead that we just opened We've been with Tint World for five years now Our first location was in Medford, New York After five years, we decided to open our second location in Riverhead, to cover the east end of Long Island

– Always been in the car business We've always had repair shops and dealerships Having an automotive background has definitely made it easier for us to succeed, but it's definitely not necessary Corporate will give you all the training and tools necessary to succeed The second location was a lot easier to open, thanks to help from Jeff

He handled the lease, the negotiations, and all the paperwork – We currently own the building in Medford and with this building in Riverhead, we do have the option to buy it as well – We've always wanted to expand on the island and grow We knew that was a plan from the start After the second store's now up and running, we're gonna be looking for a third

It's definitely cost-effective to open more locations You get more of a buying power when you're buying things more in bulk It lowers your cost per product Also, you have employees ready to go It's easier to run a second store when you have the employees

If somebody calls out sick, I can always call somebody in from another store If one store's out of a product, I have another store that most likely will have it, so it's definitely easier to run the two stores My advice to open a second store was just don't be afraid Grab the bull by the horns and go with it Corporate can help along the way and provide everything needed to do it

The franchise system made it easier to open Their systems they have in place work very well and all the relationships that we built with the vendors Tint World's marketing program has been very successful with us with Google and Facebook That's really helped grow our business and allowed us to expand With our local advertising, we're doing commercial, radio, TV, print ad, and a lot of Google and Facebook

As a business owner, you need to get outta the thought process that you can only work on fancy cars The '91 Nissan Sentras and Honda Accords are what pays the bills – My name is Kevin McEvoy I am a General Manager for Tint World of Riverhead My job is to make sure the customers are being served in a correct manner and that their cars are being done in a correct manner

I've worked for the Medford Tint World location for three years and I've been in charge of the construction and opening of this facility as well We are definitely geared more towards a flagship Tint World location We're also trying to make this into a training facility as well for when we're bringing on new employees, to help train them, and that's what you would see in the layout of the way we did the facility here At this point in time, we have about nine employees The facility is able to handle up to about 20 employees, including the trainees

My crew, my staff, they've been together, we're molded and we answer to a higher authority I answer to Tint World

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