Scheiben folieren Fiat 500/Dany applies window film on a Fiat 500

Hello and welcome to Gear3! I´m Dany Unfortunately alone today again

We will today install window films at this car A Fiat 500 For this we certainly need window film Diverse squeegees, knives Soapy water

Ok, i would say Let´s clean What i must say is Laszlo is a very good Car window cleaner Because he helped me once He can clean very good, like an apprentice 😀 So like you can see I cutted the window film rough

So that the length is correct On the top it must be shorter The window is rather small Here are these for the side windows I would say

We begin with a side window Now you can see It´s tailored You should not touch the film without soapy water And spray rich When you cross out

Be careful That the film stays in the correct position When the film slips out of position You can get a gap Therefore recheck always

Until you finished to cross out You can adjust the film Always from the center to outwards Very important! Certainly you can see those bubbles But

That´s not a problem What i would advise you Definitely To buy a squeegee set With different types of them

It´s really helpful Only with the standard ones which are included It works, i tried But more difficult When you have

Proper squeegees for everything It´s much easier for you Always recheck The window looks not so bad Important! When the window film is mounted

Only wipe dry with a cloth No proper cleaning only after 2 weeks So the film can dry out completely You see, a black window 😉 So, meanwhile i tinted the second side window

Because it´s the same on both sides I didn´t show it What i like to do is with this squeegee That´s rubber When everything is done, cross out again

Because you get much more water out When you do this job and it´s warm in the next days The sun heats it up really good So the window film dries out really well That´s certainly ideal

You see the difference You can see here better It´s only a 85% window film So, now we make the rear window I will display the film and cut to size

Because that´s important I tailored now a part of the window film Because it don´t works with only one part It´s a pity but there is no help for it I will mount the window film on the lower part, then i will cut out the top part, mount the top part, overlap, cut through, so as little as possible is visible

So I applied the window film It´s important because the rear window is raised you must normally use a heat gun But then you need a shrinkable window film As it should be I would say, you should maybe not save costs at a window film

But it´s everything not a problem It´s a bit more work And very important everytime put the window film under the trim, so you have allowance At a few cars you can remove the trim But like you see here, there is enough space

So now rubber You see how it press out the water The top part is tailored Very important not to press hard at cutting Normally it´s hard to cut glass but everything is possible exactly then

Always spray rich on the window film Now i will cross it out Certainly at the beginning carefully That the window film stays in correct position This can happen really fast Now i must cut here to remove this under the inner part

You can see practically nothing visible So! Voilá! The window is ready! Nearly nothing visible The compact car is ready As a result that it was a Gear3 project Wonderful! See you next time

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