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– What's up, guys? My name is Sean, creator and mentor here at Window Tint Warriors I am known for helping people learn automotive window tinting so that they can pursue their dream of opening their own business, or even adding window tinting to an existing business to create an additional source of cashflow

Have you tried to teach yourself automotive window tinting, but just get completely overwhelmed with all the steps, and not knowing where to start, what film to use, or what tools to buy? Or maybe you're someone that has gone to a different hands on window tinting school, but they barely taught you anything you needed to know in order to become a successful window tinter, with the ability to make an insane amount of cash flow doing something you really enjoy doing on a daily basis, while doing it at your own pace, and on your own schedule If you can relate to that, then it's safe to say that me and you have a lot in common When I was in high school at the age of 17, I'd spend every minute I could on YouTube and Google searching for tint installation videos, absorbing as much information as I possibly could from the amazing content that I would find But for me, it just wasn't good enough I'm a very hands on person, I need to feel, and touch, and practice in order to learn

In order to fulfill this need, I signed up for a trade school which specialized in aftermarket automotive accessories I learned some things about window tinting, but not enough to get me going as a business owner As my passion continued to burn to become the best I can become at automotive window tinting, I came across a local business that actually hired me, and trained me to become a professional window tinter Now you can either call that luck, or even faith, but I am extremely grateful that it happened From that day on, I have learned every tip, trick, and secret of owning and operating a full blown window tinting business

Long story short, I worked for and got trained by that business for about two years I then left them to start my own brick and mortar location, which is now the highest rated window tinting business in New York state This rating comes from my Google business reviews with a solid five star rating Now if you're still watching this, it means I have your full blown attention, and I have motivated you to do exactly what I've done Well guess what, it's your lucky day, because I've created the best and most informational hands on window tinting class you could ever attend in your life

Over the years of being in the window tinting business, I've seen so many different window tinting schools that are usually just another shop trying to steal someone's hard earned money, and waste their days with an extremely unorganized, misinformed learning experience I have come to the table to solve this problem by providing a precisely designed four day curriculum breaking down every single aspect of the automotive window tinting process to ensure every student is capable of succeeding after completing and leaving the Window Tint Warriors hands on class Are you ready to take the next step to success? Is this something you are interested in pursuing as a career? Or are you a shop owner looking to have your employees properly trained to be professional window tinters? This is what you need to gain the experience, the knowledge, techniques, and upper hand on becoming the best window tint installer and or business owner that you can possibly be When you take our four day hands on automotive window tinting class, you won't only receive the knowledge and experience needed to become a professional window tinter, but as a bonus, you will also receive a complete window tinting tool-set, including everything needed to get started, and continue learning progressively from the minute you walk into our class, to the minute you get back home, and for the future to come as you continue to succeed The details on what's included in this kit are listed below this video

But wait, you thought that was the only bonus that you would get from me? I've got a couple extra bonuses for those of you that take immediate action When you register for the four day hands on window tinting class, you will also receive immediate lifetime access to the Window Tint Warriors online automotive window tinting course In this course there are 35 plus videos, and continuing to grow, going over every step of the window tinting process This is awesome for those of you that wanna get the information fresh in your head before you come down to the hands on event It will also be great for reference to look back on after leaving the hands on training, in case there was something that you needed to refresh in your mind when practicing at home

I would highly recommend taking advantage of this free bonus, as it is extremely informational and valuable Now guys, make sure you reserve your spot today We keep the classes in small groups to ensure everyone gets equal attention, and they have been filling up a lot faster than we've expected But wow, how awesome does this all sound? I have spent countless hours developing this amazing hands on curriculum and video database for all of you that wanna take your lives to the next level with the window tinting business But wait, that is not all

On top of the complete tool-set, and the lifetime access to the automotive window tinting course online, I have a third bonus for you This bonus is a work of art, and truly a labor of dedication and commitment to your success When you register for the four day hands on training, you will also instantly receive six months of access to my vehicle specific installation video database If you don't already know what this is, then I'm really about to blow your mind Within the vehicle specific database, you will gain access to a wide range of videos on exact year, make, and models of vehicles going over the proper process of the lower gasket removal on all doors, as well as extremely valuable tips and tricks you should know for that specific vehicle

You can literally watch me tint the car that you have to tint, before you even work on it How amazing and stress relieving does that sound? On top of that, this database is ever growing, which means new videos of new vehicles are added weekly Talk about a never ending cheat sheet (sighs) Man, that's a lot of information I really hope you guys see my excitement and commitment to having the opportunity to mentor and train you hands on to become a professional window tinter of the near future

This class is my opportunity to spread my knowledge of a trade that is so overlooked and underrated as a business opportunity, with the potential for huge profit margins, and a life with more time to do the things you want with the people you love Take action now, and join the Window Tint Warriors four day hands on training class I promise you will not be disappointed I'll see you guys there

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