The chocolate test for window film

cannot stand the temperature in the hot summer anymore? If you are demanding and want your car to looks extraordinary and stay cool You've found your match in ceramic window tint

With the strictest manufacturer process and adding the ceramic nano particle layer our ceramic show a wonderful performance clear vision anti scratch and most importantly 90% IR rejection and 999% UV cutting rate today we would like to test the performance of it we cut out the traditional black blue tinted film and our ceramic film cs35 window film pasting them on a glass plate in ten o'clock 395℃ we put the chocolate inside to bowl and them will be covered by different kind of window film then we start the test after 16 minutes you can see the big difference after 30 minutes in 10:30 am we would like to remove the film and take a look of chocolate you can see the chocolate covered by traditional glue tinted film is melting and the chocolate covered by our ceramic film do not melting having your car tinting with our ceramic window film will help you reduce the temperature inside under our protection, you can enjoy the sunshine without going darker and shade for more information please find out on our website