Tint Masters Tint Up The 2019 Subaru BRZ Gray Series (SunTek)

what's up everyone I'm bill I'm with Cali moto TV we're back at tenth masters here in Vacaville California and we're getting the BRZ done today so Robert he has allowed us so greatly to come in and film so we've got a little visitor here I'll introduce him in a second but the BRZ is just getting pulled in what do you think is it clean so we've got so we were supposed to bring in the Fiesta right which it never even made it because we had the car for like four or five days yes so and I had already booked an appointment to bring the car in here and so it didn't work out make it out so who's this what's up Khalil you can say what's up you do watch Kelly Motor TV did you watch me do the first did you see my truck did you like the truck is it cool yeah you should see what I did do it I did a couple things what do you think of the new car is it nice it's nice huh you like this car are you that's your job huh solid Thank You Clio all right well let's get dumb I'm gonna let him get to work but we're gonna time-lapse the whole thing but one of the coolest things that let me get over here one of the coolest things that Roberts got that I wasn't able to get a whole video of last time is his cutter and so I'm gonna be able to get he's I told my as I go don't do it quite yet so he's going to cut all of the tin front back all – there's seven seven windows so he's going to be cutting seven windows and all he does is basically just input all the information says this is what the car is BAM so let's flip this around and get it going alright so the program can we say what software program it is is it's a cool program and him and basically it's it's just you know you go in and you're just all we're doing is selecting what we're doing right so 2019 BRZ two-door coupe and there's all the windows oh that's crazy dumb so you're just gonna select what you want to cut so that's so so we're selecting basically what that is is that's the two little front windows like the main windows and the two back windows and then obviously you got the back window and you're a choice you want the windshield or the strip that's great but that's super cool so you can do this trip oh that's a toe that's dope alright so we're gonna cut we're gonna all the knit all the side windows all at once okay on each side alright so we just so you just select it and push weight and that weight oh whoa damn and then that's it now how how precise is this like is is like are we talking within like hundreds of millimeters like I mean large or small so if you do small it's only the Baby Gap a large just a bit larger and just trim the edges but it's so so right now this is going to be perfect absolutely perfect man that's so crazy so so I think we I think I mentioned it last time how much time does this cut down from you doing it by hand it's so precise I mean it's so I mean it's just there's nothing that that's it I mean and good blades right you got a good make sure the blades are sharp and stuff like that all right it's I'm speechless every time I come here and then you just push your cut button right and then that's it it's cut I'm just baffled like when I come in here I just it baffles me every time I come in here so then you bring it over and then you lay it on your little your little glass wall right we're going to put it on the wall so he can pull each part off right cuz there's again there's so on the BRZ will let him throw that up there but we've got we've got the back window the the main window and then the BRZ he's got this little teeny window up front which I took which which when I say when I said to him I was like it's got the little window but I was like but don't worry it's easily accessible because some of these some of these you I know I know you were concerned with that because you were like huh but man the back window sorry me and pain in the butt back there alright so we're gonna let him do his work it's crazy it's crazy I love watching people do their work man because I can never do I could never do this like this is like I don't have the patience for this but he's got it down he's got it down masters if you're in Vacaville back a little Fairfield Sacramento Sacramento is worth the truck come down here okay he made an appointment as one o'clock it's 120 right now like we're we're good to go so we're gonna time-lapse this whole thing watch him from start to finish he's gonna apply this and get it all down so stay tuned but man this guy's so crazy wood right so he's already got the front like laid on there as a temporary so he puts it on the front he put it on the front to contour it to get it to contour correct so it kind of becomes a memory and then and then and then he takes it off the backing and then he applies it to the actual window so and you can see he's working right now so he's pulling so this is the back window he's doing right now and you can see you can see how the cutout is already contoured if you look at the back of the car see it's got that kind of that square shape up the edge so you can already see that in the film which is super cool and then back over the car you can see like I said he's already laid down the film so it's basically just sitting there and then you do a little heat gun over it in a minute right and then so it shapes the shapes up the window you can see he's got the little baby windows up front sittin back one lay right on so you can see how it's kind of got the bubbles in it because obviously the window with the windscreen is not or the back window is not flat so he's going to heat it up and then take out all of those they're not really imperfections right it's just it's just contouring it right just kind of shrinking the film a little bit yeah all makes sense at the end right so that's that's the delicate work to not crease the film right so you're kind of pulling pulling those little bits of those bubbles fungus think there you go telling you so weird so this is this will be that the third time we've been here you guys didn't see the video we shot the video maybe we'll throw it real quick in here but the f-250 actually came back because the sunroof you know we got that big California sunroof man it is it was getting hot already so I came in and Robert actually threw it what do we put on top we put in an additional 20% there 25% on top right right so you know it already had a little bit of tint on it but we put another tint on top of it to get this full UV coating and then also we wanted to be able to you know dampen out the Sun for the summer month so it's been nice because I mean I like that sunroof open so nice light in there and everything so crazy just crazy to watch this so he's got all the the fingers off that side so now we kind of get the better understanding and why he does it because you can look I mean now this on the obviously on the outside its we're working off the the clear plastic right but it's giving it I mean that contoured finish is just like it's it's absolutely like perfect I mean it looks like I mean it it looks perfect yeah there's no bubbles there's no air there's no there's no imperfections basically so then when it when it cools it cools into that shape and form right right so then when you peel off the plastic and you put the put it actually on the windscreen or the the window then that's it it's done who thought of this sweet so it's so refresh my memory how long you been doing this I'm pops has been 90 so I commented last time I graduated high school in 93 he could attend he could attempt my high school car and you guys have two locations now right Fairfield Fairfield in Vacaville and he's over in the Fairfield store now yes right over bye-bye Fairfield soubise crazy I own now I want to teach you or nothing but that's just it's just rad to watch you like get that get that out alright I'm again let me get out this I got out of this space because I even see like you know my luck is creased down but it's gonna look though it's gonna look down we'll be back so just watching him do this and lay this on the windows like the pre-cut makes so much of a difference like you can totally tell when he just lays it it's I mean if we look at this one so he's got this he's got to clean it up a little bit but you know he's already got that window it's on and on so the pre-cut just like it just makes sense he's got to get the window up because of course the BRZ when you close or when you open the door the the window stays down just a teeny bit so he's got to get the window yummy to hold it he's got a system keep because you know you know how much of a pain that is this yeah I mean just that that particular kind of car right just finagle it so he's in the back doing the back now and it's crazy crazy crazy very ain't much room in the back of that BRZ I'll tell you that so I know he's not having fun back there but you see the sides are done gotta get it laid down all the bubbles just coming straight out I just got a little baby payroll wand back there so crazy it's just like it's it's crazy to watch it because he's like if it's like him it's kind of like an art I guess right because it's already laid down but to be able to like push them through and to know like what section to push and where to push the air out so you can get any grease and stuff like that it's crazy so as always the tint looks clean so clean so clean it's so crazy how different Tim makes a car look so he's just finished up so the reveal was here all right we got flip this thing around so we do 25% right Oh baby so fresh so rad solid man Robert thank you brother thank you thank you Tim masters if you guys are in fact if you're in the area of Sacramento wherever you're at it doesn't matter it it's worth the drive to come down here all right so I'm paying for this how much I owe you and this is a 220 220 220 bucks seven wind and kind of fire right it's kind of considered as a five window five windows all the way around 220 bucks I honestly I think you guys are probably the best price right I believe so because I guess I know before before I met Robert I kind of looked around I think I did the infinity and the dude charge mean $200 for the front windows and what did you charge me $100 for those right there's 125 125 for the front windows so if you have front windows 125 dollars give or take right the estimate 5 windows what about like if you're doing like a big suburban a big suburban well the difference different ones with 320 240 so you know Beit big suburban three twenty four twenty but the BRZ is looking let's get down here come on camera it's looking good so Tim masters thank you guys make sure you hit that subscribe button smash the like button comment down below if you guys are in fact they'll come by and see Robert thanks brother appreciate it alright till next video we'll see you guys down