Tint World Chandler, Arizona – Grand Opening

(upbeat rock music) – My name is Roger Redmond I own the Tint World in Chandler, Arizona

Our address is 3170 North Arizona Avenue We're conveniently located at Arizona Ave and Elliot We're a family-owned and operated business We love our cars We love our customers' cars even more

Love to work on your car – My name is Cory Roberts, and I'm the 12-volt technician I do all the lighting, car stereos Anything that you need wired into the vehicle I'll take care of that for you The first thing you notice right off is the cleanliness

We maintain a clean bay, clean front It's not overcluttered It looks awesome The quality of work is top notch We only expect the best from everybody

– My name is Terrence, and I am the GM here at Tint World I wouldn't feel good, unless the products we were offering were top notch We have the best out there right now It shows for it And I'm so excited that we're bringing this brand to Phoenix, like the first store here in Chandler, and a few more to come

I'm very excited to be a part of this journey – Travis Ferrara My duties are detailing cars, paint corrections It's fun working here We've got just a good environment overall, how we treat every customer as if their car is our own

We treat it better than we would treat our own – My name is Devon I am a shophand I assist everyone with any needs that they need me to do I personally have had my windows tinted at different places, and I just noticed that these guys have a really good knowledge about what brands and what tint to offer

And I love this job I spend more time here than I do at home – My favorite service is probably the detail service And to be able to get a car and transform it to something that is better than it walked in A customer is so delighted about that experience

the smell, the touch It's just like how they remember it to be It's pretty, pretty cool