Tint World Coconut Creek, FL – Grand Opening!

(upbeat music) – Today is the grand opening of Jeff Moolevliet's Tint World store in Coconut Creek, Florida I'm really happy to be here

What a great turnout He has the bloodmobile and he has a whole lot of really good people, a community of people that came in, car shows, some of our vendors came down: Sony, Viper When Jeff found this location, we saw it and we realized this gonna be a really home run The buildout came beautiful Everything came right to code, the specs are what we wanted, and we're really proud of this location

He's going to do phenomenal here (upbeat music) – We're from Tri-county Animal Rescue, which is a 100 percent no-kill shelter We're happy to be here at Tint World for their Grand Opening in Coconut Creek – We're having a very exciting day People are donating blood

They're purchasing products, having their cars detailed Jeff the owner's done a fabulous job, and us at corporate are enjoying a nice time here – Hi, I'm Jeff from Tint World, Coconut Creek, located on Hillsboro Boulevard, just east of 441, located in beautiful Coconut Creek, Florida If you're ever in the area, please feel free to stop by and visit 5450 West Hillsboro Boulevard in Coconut Creek

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