Tint World Dubai Tour & Explanation of our International Franchise Program

(upbeat instrumental music) – So we're at the Tint World; UAE, Dubai, Al Ain And we're so excited to be here

And part of becoming a master franchise or in another country, it's really important how we work together with our partners We have to make sure that it's a good fit for us and a good fit for them 'Cause we wanna produce the same type of experience that we have in the United States here in another country So let me take you through a tour through our new location that we've just opened up Of course, you see all these beautiful cars in all these candy colors

I mean, it's just amazing And we didn't even get the doors open while we were under construction and we're building it out, and people are just coming and flocking to try to find out what is this all about? How is this? And we find that in the United States when we open up a new store in a new state, it's the same thing Well, we were wondering, how is it really gonna work in the UAE? Well, we found out now, 'cause we opened this store, and as you can see, the whole community is coming down to see what's going on in our store It's really important not only to just have the right partner with the same mindset that we have not only a business relationship, but a personal relationship Because we have to think alike

We understand that every culture is gonna be a little different, but we have to make sure that the experience that we produce inside of Tint World is gonna be the same quality experience in every single location, no matter what country in the world And to do this, we've sent our whole entire team, well, I shouldn't say the whole, key people in our team we send down over here for over two weeks to make sure everything is just right Tweaked The staff is trained, the management is well-understood of all our products and service How we've actually built this brand, and what we expect

And really, what the customer expects, and what they expect from Tint World is the best products, the best service, and an experience like they can get nowhere else It's so important to us to make sure that everything is just right, and that's why we spend so much time So I'm so proud to have come here myself to make sure that I'm here to join Khalil and his whole entire team to make sure everything is just right Our international master franchise program allows entrepreneurs in other countries be able to see our business model, take it and adapt it to their country and quickly launch it without having all the research that's gotta go behind it We actually adapt to their country so they can launch it and be successful very quickly in their own country

The first thing we do is we listen We listen to our international franchise partner and they tell us what is going on in their country? What type of other businesses are similar to what our business is, and how did they work? And then we go back and we propose to them how we think it could really transform over into their country and work really well And then we work together and collaborate It's not very different from what we actually do in the United States It's just a matter of certain things have to be tailored

Our first master franchise was in Saudi Arabia And in Saudi Arabia, it's a very different culture from it is in the United States, so we had to work with our Saudi Arabian partner to figure out how best to serve his community How does he present the services in his community? And what's the expectation of our brand in that country? I mean, American brands are really well-respected in international countries, but they also wanna tailor it to their own language and their own style, and what they fit, so there's definitely a blend that we have to work with them to make sure it's presented really well So we'll take our level of standards and adapt it Maybe the way the business is laid out

The biggest reason why international companies wanna adopt our business models: Now, first, they love franchising And franchising is mainly based in the US So a lot of the US brands get migrated over to those other countries They like them, they adapt them; they wanna live that But our particular model is, of course, they're car enthusiasts, and they don't have anything like Tint World there

So when they see Tint World, they see a turnkey package that they can actually get ahold of our brands, our products and services, and then our training and support and then they can implement that over there much quicker So they can scale quickly And because we are a unique company, it allows them to really not have to look anywhere else They bring it over there, and they can launch it very quickly – I search, I search, I search; there's no one

There's literally no one worldwide who has the one-stop shop They don't just sell products They have the whole thing; the whole package They have the products, the training, the marketing They have everything I need

Everything is built and ready for me to go Just to make money from day one – Typically when someone contacts our franchise development team, we would send them a download kit or information about our franchise, and they would learn the many things that we do, how it works, what the cost of opening up a master franchise was We do analysis of how many franchise can fit in those areas, in those territories, in their region and that would allow them to figure out where their growth model is And depending on the size of the country, they may want to purchase the whole country or a part of the country depending on how big it is

And at that point they could be a master developer in that country And they would be a sub-franchiser of Tint World in their country The first thing you wanna do is make sure we get their flagship store opened, and that's gotta be perfect We have to make sure that we're well-represented with that first store that's there and it makes a spark, and it gets everybody ignited onto that brand So we work really hard to make sure that that's right

That becomes the focal point So other franchise operations that open up, they take the lead of that store That's where we work so hard upfront to make sure that when we open, it's exactly what that region needs Once they have that mix working right and set up and going, then we would train them how to actually acquire franchise prospects and how to help them franchise in their country with their franchisees In each country we try to tailor our franchise to make sure that we're focusing on what's most desirable there; what works well

In Canada, certain services are very popular there They wanna do remote starts because it's cold in the winter They wanna do other services that might really appeal to Canadians It doesn't mean that our other services aren't going to be accepted as well Maybe they're just not used to it

Maybe they're newer services in Canada and they hadn't really seen regularly But once we get them open, we focus on what's the strength of their services that are well-respected and appreciated, and then from that point we broaden the service offerings so at that point, then we become the lead in that country In other countries, we wanna focus on making sure we bring American values in the way we operate our products, our sales and our operation So when we deal with customer service over here in the United States, sometimes in these other countries, they're not used to that And they actually want it, and they yearn for it, but they're not used to it, so it's really part of our training to make sure that they deliver our products and services to the customers in their country so they're really received well

And so we focus on the customer service aspect, making sure we have the right products, the right services We train their staff to make sure that they're operating efficiently, and they appreciate it so well because they usually don't get that type of full business model in those countries Our company has been offering services since 1982 So we've really adapted our program to many different states in the United States and many different countries around the world So we know what it takes to expand internationally

We know how to work with each region, and what it takes to be successful on the very first store My advice to new international franchise owners is to follow the system We will make sure that we give you all the tools to be able to run the system, but follow the system Everything from the sales, operations, & marketing support, we will be there every step of the way I can tell you that I'm very passionate about this business and it's one thing to grow the business in the United States but to see the success that they have around the world, that just, it amazes me

It's also really nice that, once we get this store open and they're operating, and they're efficient, the bond that we create with our international masters, we're like family I mean, they get it now They know we really care about their success, just as much as they do, and that's something I don't think you see every day Depending on the country, the culture and the region, we have to make sure that we adapt to providing the opening operations in the manner that they need it So we'll adapt our program

Whether they're gonna come and train in the United States, and sometimes we'll send a whole team out there to actually set up their business It just depends on what their needs and requirements are And again, it's not just automotive Automotive is why people attract to us, because they love the love of cars They have that love affair

But really, they expand into residential, commercial, and sometimes marine services that really allow them to really fire on all cylinders and make money in all these different categories And a lot of these categories are not offered in their country right now, so they're well-received when they start to offer those products Additionally, I have franchise master license who just recently have called me up and said I also wanna offer these products and services And could you find out how you can get these here? It's not something you offer so much in the US, but it's important to us to expand So we'll do the research and find out how we can get those products and services

And even though we might not be big in those services here, we'll figure out a way that we can fulfill their desires and their needs over there and immediately start doing it So we'll support them in any growth way that they can through the franchise model – You guys have so many products that I can add It's not just tints Yes, it's called Tint World

People might think that we also only sell tint, but no, we're not only about tint We sell tint, we can sell PPF, we can sell wraps, we can sell audio, video We can go all the way Whatever a customer needs when it comes to cars, it's literally under one roof – We have Russia, we have the UK, we have Europe, Germany

We also have Australia I mean, we have China, Brazil I mean, there's a lot of different countries that would really accept our brand and grow really quickly And we know that there's nothing like us out there There's maybe some little mom and pop shops, but no major recognizable brand that offers all the services that Tint World offers

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