Tint World Fort Myers, FL Grand Opening!

(electric guitar music) – Hi, my name is Mark Hamilton, this is my wife Dana We just opened the new Tint World here in Ft

Meyers Florida and we'd love for you guys to come out and check out our beautiful new shop – My name is, Charles J Bonfiglio I'm the CEO of Tint World Franchise and this is one of the locations that is owned by Mark and Dana Hamilton We're really happy to have them aboard

– My name is, Lavante I'm the detail specialist I've been working here two and a half months and what I like about it is air conditioned bays Our boss treats us really nice He provides us with everything we need to make sure the job is as easy as it can be

– My name is, Billy I'm a window tinting expert and I specialize in automotive, residential and commercial window tinting I like working here because it's nice, air conditioned bays and it's a friendly environment, everybody gets along and it's just a great place to work – I'm Mark, I'm the installer for 12 volt and fabricator here at Tint World On a daily bases we go from anything from remote starts to car alarms, undergo lighting, car stereos, custom builds

I've been here two and a half months since the soft opening and I absolutely love it We have air conditioned bays as you can see We have a nice clean comfortable work environment (upbeat electronic guitar music) – Hi, my name's Mark Welcome to Tint World in Ft

Meyers I choose Tint World to open because I love cars I've always dreamed of having my own shop to either work on performance cars, car audio, and this gave me the best of all those things together So, let me show you around my shop and show you what we do here Over here we've got the display wall

This is our security display This gives you our car alarms, our remote starts We can do basically anything you want to do and customize it to your liking, whether you want to have a smart start app on your phone or just use your existing key fob, we can build it the way you want it to be in your car This is our paint protection display This gives you the protection on your paint with the front end, love bugs here in Florida

We can put a front cover on your bumper and you'll never have to worry about scratches and dents and things like that on the front with the love bugs out there This is our window tint display We've got a nice little heat lamp on here It shows you the different heat reductions for the different types of film that we sell and the different characteristics that go with each one of our packages Over here we have our detailing display

Same thing, we've got several different packages that we can choose from depending on what you want to have done to your car And a nice little easy interactive display for you to choose what you want to do This is our customer bathroom And then over here, we have our coffee stand This was made by my wife

It's actually a grill off of a Jeep CJ and she incorporated it into the table So, we have a little coffee stand here for the customers to be able to help themselves with when they need to Over here we have our service desk and we've got a nice little couple counters here, which we work off of Mark here, is taking phone calls for us and booking appointments Our back wall has some feature products that we want to feature for the month and call out, and then we also have our video screens to highlight some different things that we've done and different things that other Tint World locations have had

Over here we have, actually a customers car, we've got in the show room just to sample some of the different things were doing This ones got some lights on it, a vehicle wrap And then we have our sound wall This gives us a way of showing and presenting the different head units that you can choose from We can do everything from simple head unit install, to speaker change out, to amps and sub-woofers in the trunk

We can customize it however you'd like to see it and make it fit your needs Over here we have our auto lighting display This gives you an idea of some of the different lights that we do, whether it's the RGB lighting strips, which we have actually going on in the shop in a minute We've got HID and LED lamps to show you the differences and then LED light bars and light pods This here is our vehicle assistance display

This talks and this shows you the backup cameras and how we can place them in your rear view mirrors You can set up little back up camera pods and integrate them with your factory radio or even an after market radio On the wall here, we have our K40 display for our radar detector help with a laser and the radar gun So, nice little display there to show you what we've got And this is our sliding glass door wall so you can actually see through to the shop while you're a customer

You're sitting in the show room, wanna see what's going on with your vehicle and how it's progressing, you can kinda look through the wall and get an idea of what's going on back here Billy's over here, he's about to print a new car for us and get some tint printed on our plotter This is our tint wall where we can choose the different levels of tint that you're looking for and the different packages We load that up to the plotter here and that's where it'll cut for us and show us, print out what we need for the car that we're going to be tinting After it's done printing, we then move it to the wall over here

We can actually get it all set and prepped and ready for the car, so we don't have to do any cutting on the car whatsoever Everything is done by the computer over there and is all cut professionally to the design of the car Over here, we've got LaVante He's working on an Eclipse for us and polishing up a hood and making sure that there's a few scratches taken care of out of it And then back here we've got Mark

He's putting in some LED strips underneath the dash of this ford, so that we can give a new look on the interior for the customer Then back over this way, we've got our work bench for the guys Mark's got a few things going on with the LED lights he's putting in, but this has got a little rack for the different little connectors that you need for all the wires We've got our wiring rack These are some of our dash kits and wiring harnesses that we use for the different cars that we put in

We've got our tool box here for the guys, so they can use that This is our little sitting area for the guys, kinda there break room We've got a table for them to sit at and have lunch We've got a employee bathroom in the back, back here We've also got a refrigerator for them to be able to bring their lunch and food in, so they can eat during the day when they're here

We've got a microwave to warm things up, coffee maker, that kinda thing Just a nice little sitting area for them to be able to relax when they're here on their lunch breaks And then out front again we- Today we're actually working with the Blood Mobile and they're- We're trying to help out with the community with them So, today we've got the Blood Mobile working and then tomorrow we've also got the Humane Society coming in and they're gonna bring some dogs that are up for adoption – In a Franchise system, we have really good business systems and solutions for them to be able to grow very quickly, but they're individually own and operated

So, they're in business for themselves, with a support system that's gonna help them grow and scale into their own personality, their own neighborhoods, their own type of services for brands that are probably in those communities So, we give them all the business tools and we support them to grow in their own market place – Tint World is a Franchise, so you have not only the warranty through me, but you also have it through any of the other Tint World locations across the United States And Tint World's been around since 1982, so you have a reputable company that's choosing reputable products Tint World's store hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday and select store's on Sunday depending on the area

For holidays, we're open most major holidays Our customer accommodations are free WiFi We have clean restrooms, a nice waiting area for them to sit in and relax while they're car is being worked on, and even a window into the shop, so that they can observe their car as it's progressing At Tint World we guarantee all of or work We use the manufacturer's warranties and we back all of those as well

And we even have our two packages of window tinting that come with a lifetime warranty and a third package that comes with a limited lifetime warranty When a customer walks in the door, we treat them like our family We treat them like a family member, we treat them like a friend and make them feel comfortable When they call us on the phone we greet them with a nice hello, tell them where we're at and make sure that they, again, feel we're there to help them It's all about the customer

I would say our unique services would be one, that you can pretty much do any vehicle and anything you're looking for accessory-wise Whereas, a lot of other shops you have to go, if you have a truck, you go to a topper king to get the topper and the running boards When if you got a car, you've got to go to this car performance shop Well, we can do all of that together We have all those features

Another great feature that Tint World does is a policy that we have is all of our military and first responders get a 10% discount We make sure that at the end of the day, if we're not cleaning while we're doing it, we're cleaning up at the end of the day before we leave so that the next day, we start off refresh and ready to go for the next customer that walks in – While this is a typical model of all our franchise stores, this particular one is a recent one that opened with the newest displays we have They're all interactive displays Makes It very easy for the consumer to come in and walk off the Ipad see the little videos of the different brands, whether it be Sony or Vocal, and they can press them, they can hear it, they can here about the features and benefits of those products and services that we're gonna be offering

– When Tint World hires on a new employee, we're usually looking for somebody with experience, so when we bring them in, we're orienting them with what Tint World does and their policies Getting them used to the scope of work that we do at a Tint World and then from there, getting them out and getting the on-the-job training and improving things, and continuing their- developing their training with videos and instructional webinars that we run with different vendors as they come through And as we pick up new vendors, those webinars come in handy to give the on-the-job training for new employee's as they continue with us- with Tint World Tint World has a internal Internet webpage that we use to communicate webinars, videos, training from specific vendors, and you can pull this up and watch these at any time to see the different training on the different products that they have to offer Here you've got a lot of different links to the different training, so you can go in and you can get to specific vendors, you can get to specific topics

So here at Tint World, we also offer incentives for additional training The more training that you get, you can go out and after being here a certain period of time, become MECP certified Those help get you into pay raises or different job opportunities that you can do and growth with the company In our interweb, we can click on the management option and we can go through a lot of the different links here and you have the ability to go in and see different training pieces, so that you can get better knowledge for what you're trying to do Tint World sales and marketing was one of the main reasons why, I, as an owner for the Franchise, really went with Tint World and the corporate office really helps us with the Google presence and the online presence that if I came in and tried to do this on my own, would never have the ability to do

So they put me 10 years ahead of where I would be if I tried to do this by myself My leads come from the computer Tint World has a extensive website that builds leads for us and directs people from the website, straight to the leads, into the store, and gives me phone numbers to call and gives me ideas of what they're looking for and points me in the right direction to continue building that personal relationship with the customer Locally, we have the ability to do as we choose and what we feel works in our community We do cash coupon books

Right now we're doing radio spots for our grand opening So we have the ability to do any number of different types of local advertising as we see fit based on what our customers are looking for Social media's a big part of our advertising It's just like talking with your friends and your customers all come from social media Something that unique that Tint World does is our packages

We come up with packages for your tint, packages for your auto detailing We can even encompass full packages where you can continue to come back and get your car detailed on a repeat basis and have that set up every week that you're coming back in and getting that car detailed and maintained by the Tint World that you're at Tint World runs monthly events highlighting the different seasons Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and really goes big with the Black Friday Events and the Christmas holiday events We retain our customers by wowing them

That's the way I was always taught You wow the customer You make sure they have an experience that they are absolutely gonna enjoy and they're willing to drive by the place that maybe right down the street from them, so that they can come to you because you know that you're gonna take care of them We're very active on social media When people respond to us on social media, we respond quickly back to them

We make sure that they know that we're there for them and we're part of their community and we want to work with them and we want to make sure that they got the service that they deserve We also have an effective email and marketing strategy for following up with our customers Tint World likes to get involved with the community by going to local cars and coffees, local car meets, local charities We'd like to get involved with them Our store as a whole is doing for our grand opening, the Golf Coast Humane Society and working with them and trying to raise some supplies that they need for their charity

We all try and get involved in the community with different events Get out there in the public's eye and let them see what we can do and tell them about our service and help them out with what they need