Tint World Franchisee Testimonial – Brandon Blume – Pittsburgh, PA

– What made me move forward with Tint World really is the structure of Tint World's corporate, just the whole business in itself I researched Charles, and he's an amazing guy before I even met him, and just him and the team really made me wanna push forward with it

My name is Brandon Blume, I'm the owner of Tint World, Pittsburgh, PA, and we have been in business for three years I could strongly say that I do not believe there is any other system that can compare to Tint World's franchise system As being in this business prior to this in the same industry, they have it down It's amazing everything that they have put together in such a short amount of time, and where they keep trying to take it I used to own a mobile window tinting business and I started to recognize their presence in the area and I started to research them, and the rest is history, kinda, from there

Tint World's training program worked out amazing It showed everything, but not too much They had a good selection of what was gonna be knowledgeable and best suit your location, and also what was gonna be the best profit and your return on investment items One of the strongest support systems that I know It's very family-oriented, so any problems you have, there's operations managers a phone call away, a text away, an email away

Everyone is very easy to get a hold of and very supportive at the same time Everyone's just so easy to talk to Even our CEO, Charles, just one phone call away He's eager to talk to you, it's just a great system Everyone at the corporate team, they're just wonderful people, and it's what makes me wanna pursue more franchises in the future

Since owning this franchise and being a prior business owner, it really opened up my eyes to the relationships you have to have The networking, and just how everything falls in place with everyone It's a lot of work, it's very rewarding at the end of the day I'm here open to close, but it's a wonderful time open to close I think you just need to be prepared to come into it, work hard, work smart, follow the systems of the franchise, and it's laid out for you to succeed

The variety of services we offer range from window tinting, vehicle wraps, Clear Bra Paint Protection, all the way up into 12 volt mobile electronics, into mobile applications to control your car from your phone My favorite Tint World service, actually, I have a few so it'd be hard to say one, it's definitely the film industry because that's my background I love the color-change wraps 'cause of the gratification you get from start to finish It's very rewarding, and obviously the window tinting Tint World's marking program is amazing

That is one of the aspects that drew me in to the company I remember one of my first experiences when I Googled Tint World, the place was popping up everywhere I couldn't get it to not show up Knowing that, being a business owner, I knew that they were very strong in it, very well laid-out, it was really good stuff That's their number one thing is their marketing, it really is, along with their corporate team

My typical work day is open to close, we're open to close It's eight to six, but actually I'm here past six every day, but it's great It's cause I wanna be here, I wanna grow It's a long day, everything from answering telephone calls, emails, interacting with the customers, to getting in the install bay and doing work on a car if need be The rewards you get with working harder and smarter at the same time, it's almost un-describable

It's just more than what you can get financially, but it's also what you get personally It's just very fulfilling working with something that you know is just gonna keep moving forward as long as you do your part, again, and work hard and work with everybody, it's a great system (upbeat music)

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