Tint World Grand Opening in Eatontown, New Jersey!

(rock music) – I'm really really happy to be at this Tint World grand opening in Eatontown, New Jersey This one is a little special to my heart cause it's a cousin of mine

He's been a fireman for over 20 years and he retired and wanted to do something for himself So he saw the growth of Tint World and wanted to own a Tint World just for his own (rock music) – My name is Paul Bongiorno I own a Tint World in Eatontown, New Jersey I really like the Tint World business model because it's a very clean look, a very updated look

– The store is geared towards family because we are a family owned and operated business (rock music) – As always you know we really focus really hard on finding the best location that's suited for our Tint World both in demographics and the type of people and areas that really really excel with our services We've found such a great location and we're really pleased at the results we're receiving here (rock music)

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