Tint World Grand Opening in Memphis, Tennessee!

(upbeat music) (car engines) – We're here today at the newest Tint World location in Memphis, Tennessee For the grand opening, we had a phenomenal turnout

We had plenty of food, people, activities, giveaways, really exciting to see all these people coming out here to support the store – [Rick Ross, Vendor] I think it's in a great location, lots of foot traffic, lots of traffic next to a main street Aamp is proud to be a vendor of Tint World and I think it's been a great marriage We're featuring our Elev8 head unit as well as a lot of our other Stinger products – [Joe Iglesias] We're thankful that we got a tremendous amount of vendor support

All our vendors came out to support the grand opening here at Memphis This location happens to be about 8,000 square feet It's off of one of the main roads out here very easy to get to, very visible from the main road The shop area is easy to work with, great facility

They follow everything to a T It looks amazing (upbeat music) – [Store Owner] I've had several businesses in the past But you're looking for something that's new, something cutting edge And I was looking for a business setup that would match that criteria

And Tint World was it (upbeat music) – [Owner] We provide free wifi here They have work stations as well We always provide them with water, coffee, snacks – [Owner] We're very family oriented

– Very And that projects to our customers When we did the discovery day, we saw the same thing in Charles and his team And that was almost like an immediate yes This is what we need to do, this is for us

(upbeat music) (car engines)

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