Tint World® Training Program

(energetic rock music) – I'm Joe Iglesias, I'm a operations manager for Tint World Corporate, also a trainer This is our training facility

And what we do here, we have hands-on training as well as classroom environment We set up our training facility to mimic one of our showrooms, like if you would walk into one of our stores So we have all the displays up and running We're gonna teach them how to be very successful at what they do We will go over things like phone procedures, how to handle customers and so forth, and give em all the right tools, so that when they leave here they're better prepared when they get to their stores

Another facet of our training modules are where we do hands-on training We get the store owner involved in how to tint the car, do PPF, sometimes we do nano coatings, sometimes we'll actually do a stereo install, so they have an overview of what's gonna happen in a day to day operations, and also they also understand what their employees are going through when they're doing an install Gives them better understanding of the industry After the training is complete, and the new franchisee is ready to go to their stores, and they're getting closer to gettin' open, myself and the other operations managers onboard are here to help So that we can make that transition as easy as possible

Continuing education is important to us Industry's always changing, there is always new technology, new techniques, new products start coming out, so we have a very good vendor relationship, and we constantly educating ourselves so that we can always continually educate our existing store owners, and our new store owners coming onboard (energetic rock music)

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