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(gentle, happy music) – I went forward with Tint World because, if you would have asked me when I was 20 years old what I wanted to do, my dream job would have been to have a strip center with a car audio shop, a hot rod shop, an import shop, and a car wash And Tint World puts all of that into one small box that fits perfectly

– We chose to move forward with Tint World over other places just because of the sheer amount of stores they had in the United States, the brand recognition they already had – I've actually found that corporate has been very helpful If it is that we have a question, all we have to do is pick up the phone and call If it is that we have an IT question, there's people there to help us If we have an advertising question, there's people there to help us

I believe that corporate has been very good at helping and supporting us throughout this process – I originally started in the Tint World franchise as a customer I went and visited the Katy location and was so impressed by the whole process, I researched on how to become an owner – The Tint World training program was a three week long course, two weeks at the corporate office and a week in the stores Very detailed, very extensive on the management part of it, the business processes

And in the on-hand training in the stores was phenomenal Being able to work side by side with different technicians, watching them tint the windows, and learning how to do all of that stuff, it was invaluable – The reason why I got into the franchise, to cover what I don't know You don't know what you don't know, so they have it covered and they have a good plan to take you from a store in the very beginning, to a very successful store You just have to follow their plan

– My words of wisdom for any future Tint World owners is work hard, follow the system Tint World gives you, and build a great team for support – The Tint World franchise and opportunity has allowed us, people who have never been in the automotive industry, actually open up and start at Tint World Because it is that they do have such a strong corporate understanding and knowledge, and not only that, but support for us as well (gentle, happy music)

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