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(soft instrumental music) – Tint World is a franchise so you have not only have the warranty through me but you also have it through any of the other Tint World locations across the United States, and Tint World's been around since 1982 So you have a reputable company that choosing reputable products

Tint World sales and marketing was one of the main reasons why I, as an owner of the franchise, really went with Tint World and the corporate office really helps us with the Google presence and the online presence, that if I came in and tried to do this on my own would never have the ability to do So, they put me 10 years ahead of where I would be if I tried to do this by myself My leads come from the computer Tint World has a extensive website that builds leads for us and directs people from the website straight to leads into the store and gives me phone numbers to call, gives me ideas of what they're looking for and points me in the right direction to continue building that personal relationship with the customer Tint World has a internal, intranet web page that we use to communicate webinars, videos, training from specific vendors and you can pull this up and watch these at any time to see the different training on the different products that they might have to offer

Here you've got a lot of different links to the different training, so you can go in and you can get to specific vendors, you can get to specific topics In our intra-web, we can click on the management option and we can go through a lot of the different links here and you have the ability to go in and see different training pieces so that you can get better knowledge for what you're trying to do (soft instrumental music)

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