Tint World Wilmington Delaware – Franchisee Interview

(uplifting music) – My name's Jason Heller This is my wife Cathy and we own Tint World in Wilmington, Delaware

We've been open just about a month, this week So I first heard of Tint World through a Facebook News Feed, actually, almost five years ago And I looked into it then and then life happened and over the last year I started thinking about it again and started talking to the franchise development guys again and that's when we decided to commit to it and move forward The day that we made a decision was on discovery day after meeting with Charles and the team at the headquarters And the biggest factor I think was the marketing expertise and especially the website side and search engine optimization

And that's what really sold us, was the focus on marketing The training program is very inclusive So there's topics that would help everybody with no experience in the industry or even people that have been in the industry for a very long time Both the in classroom training and the in store training, which I thought was invaluable, just kinda refines what you learn in the classroom and lets you bring that into your store And you feel comfortable opening on day one

The process of opening the store was actually much faster than I thought There was a lot to do everyday Very demanding, but it led to this and then here we are in the community – There's a big community around here A very community sense even with the businesses on the street

They're very helpful They're very supporting in us and with the opening process – When we first started looking into the Tint World opportunity, we did a little preliminary research on property in the area and spoke to several brokers and weren't able to find anything, actually And then within a couple days of actually signing our franchise agreement, Jeff Stark reached out with this building It's the only building we looked at and it was perfect for us

It was about 5,000 square feet We're at a great intersection with a lot of traffic And I don't think we would have found it without Tint World's help – We drove here in a snow storm – We did to look – In an actual snow storm – To look at it for the first time, because we were so excited that, – The location – That there was a location available for us

So the hiring process was probably my biggest concern through the entire process, with making sure I found the right people, and quality people And frankly it took a little bit longer than I had hoped, but there was great support from the operations team, and things as simple as the way to word ads to attract the right talent So in the same week I actually found my entire team They all came in both very experienced in the industry, and with the market in this area So we found them through, I think both of them through Indeed, through the help of the operations team with how to target those ads so that the right people saw them

My favorite thing that we do here I would have to say is wraps, either color change wraps, or graphic wraps because it just completely changes the car to look different than it did when it came in It's a 100% transformation, so that's probably my favorite thing we do because the car leaves looking completely different than when the customer brought it in So my plans with Tint World first of course to build the business in this location, but from my discover day on I've always thought I want more than one Tint World location in this area, ideally maybe two or three So after we build this location and it's performing the way that we want it to, I do plan to look for a second spot where we can open another store My background is mostly in retail operations, training, and actually new store openings, which made the process fun for me, my biggest area of opportunity I would say as an owner is the marketing side of things, which I think is Tint Worlds overwhelming strength

Pairing my strengths with the corporate strengths and the franchises strengths, just make me think that we're gonna be successful And once we do it once in this location, I think it will be something that's very easy to replicate, and continue building our footprint My words of wisdom after going through the process are to number one be patient, things certainly don't happen at the speed you want them to, there's a lot of moving parts And number two, in the end looking back just trust the system, its worked over and over again And be patient and it will all come to where you want it to

– I think one of the things that was most helpful for you was the support of the other Tint World owners Like you got a lot of advice, – Yes – A lot just when you were having like Kingston opening the store, leaning on the other owners is a very good community, a very supportive community, and he got a lot of advice and a lot of just calming – And it definitely is a community and everyone I've reached out to is more than willing to, 24 hours a day literally, were willing to offer their advice and give you solutions to something you can't figure out So with really the community of owners, the support from them is incredible So one of the local marketing things we are doing is a sponsorship with our local minor league baseball team the Wilmington Blue Rocks, so for the next two seasons we're sponsoring a nightly contest that they offer where they identify the dirtiest car in the parking lot and we provide them with a free wash

Here and then as part of that promotion, they're talking about us several times every game, about all the services we provide, or on their radio broadcast, we're in their program And then we get several nights a year where we can bring the wrapped Tint World truck and set up a display outside as customers – and a table and concourse – Or fans are coming in, and tables and concourse So it's, we get to market to their fans on so many levels, their Facebook page, them tagging us in stuff, promotions at the game, and having physical event space at games So leading up to finalizing decision for Tint World, of course we looked into a couple of other franchise opportunities before you know, I decided that this was the one that I could be passionate about everyday going forward

And one of the deciding factors, beside the brand and the products of course, was the investment And the Tint World investment just seemed like something that was much more achievable for us and more realistic for us going forward And definitely the negotiation on pricing, like the vendors, the volume buying that we get I think it more than pays for the franchise fees I think we're getting a much better value than you could ever get by doing this on your own, just in the negotiated pricing alone, not to even mention all the other support you get from the franchise

I love owning a franchise because I believe it's going to lead to the lifestyle that I want I believe in being active in your community, and I think once the right team is built, I'm able to spend more time in the community building the business, interacting, volunteering, and having more of an impact on the community, which is harder to do when you're working in a typical corporate job

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