TINT YOUR TAIL LIGHTS! How to smoke tail lights with film

Start by cleaning the surface of the light Make sure to soak the light and the glue side of the film Tack down the film at either end of the light Warm the film using a heat gun or a torch, It does not need much

To much can distort the film Once warmed up you can stretch the film over and tack it to the other end, doing this will help with wrapping the top Now that both sides are stuck down you can squeegee the moisture out the top and bottom Be sure to be thorough getting all the air and solution Re lifting and adding water is never a bad idea, not too much or you weaken the glue Its necessary to pull the film and distribute the (fingers) evenly The top of the light can be tricky Go over all the edges with a little heat making sure it lays down properly before cutting Now for the cutting Some people shave down the edges, have to be careful not to cut the Paint, it can be $$$$$ I prefer cutting the film as close to the edge as possible using the tip of my blade We use carbon black blades for this, they require less pressure to score the film OH YA!! Do not push hard or you can cut the light You just need to score it This person wanted they're reverse lights cut out Looks deadly with the white cut out I like to wax the film, makes it shine