Tutorial – How to tint car windows? – Black Plus

I’m Ronald Hau from the company Hau Design, multiple European champion of window tinting I have more than 20 years of experience in solar control films and working for 10 years with Solar Screen and I’m very satisfied Solar Screen brings you the new Black Plus® series with the latest technical improvements in the field

This series has a semi-permanent glue allowing a quick replacement of the films with a minimum of work and at a lower cost With its black look without mirror effect and a flexible PET composition, this film offers a rapid installation on all types of vehicles Before I start to tint the windows, the essential condition is to have a perfectly clean car and very well cleaned windows The first step in tinting the windows is to place the film on the outside window shrink with the heat gun and then to cut At the next step, I clean the car window and stick the film on it from inside

Lastly, I heat up the window from the outside for a perfect finish The Black Plus® series is available in 6 tints, 4 widths and is guaranteed 10 years Do not hesitate and order your window films at Solar Screen®! All window films have ABG for Germany, Italy and Spain

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