Welcome To Aladdins Window Tinting – A Quick Tour

Hey what's going on everybody, welcome to Aladdins Window Tinting! Come on in and take a look around As you can see behind me we have all of our automotive film lines on display so that you can see the different shades that are available

We do carry entry-level, mid grade, and top-tier window films Another interactive feature that we have is an infrared heat demonstration which lets you feel the difference between those basic films and some of the more premium products In addition to automotive window tinting we do offer complete color change vinyl wraps and we also offer paint protection films, commonly referred to as clear bras, they protect the front end of your car against road debris and rock chips If you do need to wait on your install it takes approximately two hours We don't go mobile for auto window tinting so we have set up a comfortable lounge in case you do need to wait while we complete the installation

We've got snacks and beverages, we've got video games if the kiddos want to come so hopefully we'll be able to keep you happy Welcome to the back of the bay, we handle all of our automotive detailing out here We offer complete auto detailing everything from a basic hand wash up into paint correction services Let's check out the bay And finally to close out our listing of services we do offer architectural window tinting

Give us a call we can come out take measurements, show you all the different kinds of samples that are available and work up a price for you right then and there on the spot We do take pride in our work so don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions My ultimate goal is to make you feel comfortable with your purchase Again thanks for watching and I hope you have a great day!

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