Window Film Installation on our boat

so temperatures are dropping below freezing in Virginia now so what I've done in our main cabin is I've put some film overtop the windows just the plastic film like you would get it a hardware store for a regular household windows what I'd like to do is add it to the big windows in our salon now the windows in our salon are about six feet long at the bottom and about three foot tall and then they've got this valence that hides thehides the the edges of the shades so I'll probably have to take part of that off then what I'm hoping to do is use the adhesive around this area here just around the frame and then cover that entire window with one sheet this entire section of the window this one's a fixed window so it doesn't have any slides the forward window does one thing I'm worried about when doing it is this latch here it stands proud of the frame I don't want to have to take it off so I've got some thicker plastic film and I think what I'm gonna be able to do is put a square piece of plastic around there just to kind of give it a little more material in between the thin film and the heat shrink film but you can see the condensation down here from the leaks so I'm gonna take the valence off and then put the adhesive on put the shrink-wrap on and then reinstall the valence I'm not sure how big of a job that's going to be valence is held on and not very well hopefully upgrade that while I'm in here just using little L brackets and I can't quite figure out how it's attached up there it looks like they may have put the blind up after they attached it I may not have to take this big piece here off you can see that it's getting cold now because if you look right over here let's see see all that ice that's from build up from last night and we didn't realize that had gotten quite that cold yet but at about 11 o'clock last night it sounded like a herd of beavers trying to chew their way through the side the port side of our main cabin it was just the wind breeze blowing the ice from wherever it came from over to the side of our boat and it was just kind of scraping up against the side of the hull so the film that I'm going to be using is this frost King winds window insulation shrink kit for large windows basically what you do is take this double-sided tape and you put it around the perimeter of the window and then stick the film to it and then use a hairdryer to shrink the film to make it clear okay so I've got the tape and I've peeled up the edges so that one can overlap the one Runk and overlap the other one problem I have found us there may be an issue with the blind bracket we've got to fit the plastic under that but I've got it all the way around now for the fun part of taking this big roll of folded up plastic and trying to cover the entire window without having it end up being a sticky wrinkled mess so I think what I'm going to do is take the top piece of tape off of the cover off stick the top starting with underneath to that blind bracket hang it down and then try to do each side and then the bottom well that was kind of hopefully this the shrinking is forgiving because I've got it bunched up a little bit up here in the corner but that top edge is stuck and I really need to pull that up in order to get that fold out but I think it's going to be it's sealed pretty good so I'm hoping that the the shrink-wrap will the the heat gun or the hairdryer will smooth the wrinkles out of it so now I'm going to trim the excess from out around the edges and then heat it up alright so now I'm going to use the dryer and hope it won't trip my breaker and try to stretch this plastic all right so it didn't do as bad as I thought it's a it's a little wavy just from the plastic the only spot I couldn't get out I was scared to heat it too much more was the wrinkles up here in the corner hopefully I've got a good seal up in that corner I think that I do but everything else sealed up and got pretty tight I may try to heat it a little bit more just to tighten it up one more time all right so I think that's the the end of it you're standing back you can kind of I don't know if it's picking up on camera but you can kind of see a little bit of waviness in it it doesn't do bad we'll see how it how it does with the condensation and a little bit of an instrument insulation barrier all right there's the finished product I didn't do redo the braces I did put some more screws in them but my wife wants to recover the valence –is we'll tackle the new braces when that comes around what we do the valence is doesn't look bad though let's see how it works

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