Window tint before and after: 35% and 20% on white car

Hey guys, I've been wanting to get the windows tinted on my car for a while now, but I just, I just haven't done it So I'm getting them done tomorrow and I wanted to show you

Alright now this is me sitting inside of the car and you can see, let me roll that window up, okay That's inside of the car and it's clear as day, the sunroof is actually tinted a little bit It's hard to tell, it doesn't look like it is, but it does have tint so I'm not going to be tinting it Over to the side Come around to the back

The back is 20% I did go a bit darker on the back just because it would make the rest of it look dark That is now how dark the windows are So this is what it looks like inside the car, this is all of the windows, those windows are 35%, the back window is at 20%, and again 35% The sunroof, I closed this just for the video, the sunroof stayed the same I didn't change anything but you can see that it does have a little bit of a tint I don't know what percent that is

That's how I bought the car So I just want to tell you that the reason I made this video is because when I was searching online trying to figure out what what percentage tint I wanted I couldn't find anything there's like nothing available and I thought that this might help somebody else Thanks for watching!