Window Tint Glue: How to Remove, What Works, What Doesn’t

– How do you remove window tint adhesive and glue off of these glass windows once you've peeled the film off? That's a problem that everybody's faced with and guess what? If you ask a dozen different people, you're going to get a dozen different solutions on how to do it and probably none of them work You're probably here now because you've already been given a few solutions that just don't work

So today we're gonna show you exactly how to do it and we're gonna review a whole bunch of products here You can see we have a whole bunch of different remedies that people give to try, and we're gonna try them on here and we'll show you which ones work the best But to save you time, we're gonna show you the quickest ones first ♪ You're Mr Right ♪ ♪ You're Mr

Right ♪ ♪ Too good to be true ♪ – Hi everybody, Jeff here again Welcome back to our channel This is a great video this week And I just wanted to take this time real quick to remind you if this is your first time here, make sure you go down below there and hit that Subscribe button so you can come back and binge watch all you want later on And after you subscribe, make sure you hit that little bell icon there because it doesn't make any sense at all to subscribe unless you hit the bell icon

That will tell you whenever we release a new video, you'll get a little alert so you can come back and watch it Okay and if you have any questions at all, leave them in the Comments below So let's get right into it We have all these different products here, and everybody has their own idea of what works and what doesn't work here So the thing to remember here is when you peel off the window tinting, what is left behind? You're left with dried glue

So at the end of the day you really need something that will dissolve through the glue, you need a some type of a solvent So you're gonna see here, these are all the different products that people recommend You got bio-cleaners, one that we threw into the mix And there were some of this on QVC sometime back Bar Keepers Friend is another one, 100% pure acetone is another

And right here we have Goo Gone, that's a very popular one that we use to get rid of like stickers and goo We have good old fashioned Windex Invisible Glass, one of my all-time favorite glass cleaners And this here is a B-12 chemtool fuel injection cleaner, what? We have Gumout Carb and Choke Cleaner You're probably wondering what the heck? Another different one here

So I got these three cans here at Walmart, we'll try them all My Amway Legacy of Clean, a liquid organic cleaner And this is the, it's got paint on it but it's the Invisible Glass Foam Cleaner So of all of these we're gonna see which ones work the best but I should tell you we've already sort of picked what I think is a good one to start with And you always wanna use either a good terry cloth or a microfiber cloth, and microfibers might even be better because they have the little combs, and those little combs dig in, okay

So we're going to start off here with the Berryman B-12 So this Berryman B-12, this is actually a fuel injection cleaner that you use in your car, and it's got also some solvents here so that's why we think this will do a pretty good job here for us I'll just pour that and put that right there We're gonna take the cloth here and just rub it around in a circular pattern on there and see what it does And look at that, lo and behold, crystal clear, it just went right through and it ate right through it

I didn't even have to exert any force or anything So right off the bat we know that that's a pretty good solution there What I wanna do is see, well, Gumout should be similar, right? If you're gonna be spraying anything, you wanna make sure you're wearing safety goggles I'm gonna stand way back here and just give a little spray right there And you notice how it's running, see how it gets really clear as it runs down? That says to me that the Gumout is gonna be probably a pretty good solution

So we're gonna just try, and I might put some right here directly onto the cloth, and then just rub it around on there You could see that's sort of doing the job It didn't quite seem to be as good as the B-12 but it looks pretty close So if you can't find the B-12, certainly the Gumout will get you started for sure So now we wanna try this other carburetor cleaner here

This is from Super Tech I also got this at Walmart Most of these cans were only a few bucks So this one here, I'll give it a good shake and I'll just spray it right there So a good indication will be to see what the streaks do

In most cases it looks like you're always better off spraying it directly onto the cloth See, so, it looks like that all three of these carburetor cleaners did a really good job, thanks to the solvents that are in those chemicals there Now another common one you'll hear people say is Windex And let's try Windex, right here in this spot we'll try it out You're probably wondering, well, how's a window cleaner gonna be able to do it? Well, specifically about certain Windexes is I believe they have ammonia, and I think ammonia might have something to do with it, but you can see it's not quite as good, you can see on either side and down below, the three carburetor cleaners did way better

It's sort of okay but it's eh, not really that impressive, right? So I'm gonna take the next one I'm gonna try my Amway one here, the Legacy of Clean, and we'll see what it does, 'cause I know a lot of people say, well, try soap and water, right? Well, here's soap and water I mixed it up somewhat concentrated as well And we'll see if that does anything See that doesn't really look like it, see, so you could be the best soap in the world but if you're not a solvent, it's not going to solve the problem

And then of course some people will recommend that you take your soap and then use a razor blade You wanna spend all day doing this really? I don't think so, I don't I got much better things to do with my time Facebook is calling me So, and you don't wanna run the risk of scratching the glass either

So that idea is kinda, you want something that's easy, that's just gonna dissolve the glue, that's what you're after is dissolving the glue So next thing I'm gonna try here is, let's try this citrus cleaner here, this bio cleaner So what this is is it's sort of like a little chalky thing and you're supposed to get it a little damp So I'm just gonna give it a quick spray here and just find a spot over here and give it a rub around with my Scrub Daddy here from Shark Tank I'm gonna do a big area 'cause I'm also gonna use this brush here with the drill, see if that works

Okay So up top, let's see Give it a little wipe but it seems to help out a little bit It seems like it's coming through, that's because it's a mild abrasive type thing So now what I'm going to do is spray it again, get it a little wet with the soap and water, and use my little brush here with a drill

See if that does anything (drill whirring) You can see so far they were not quite as good as the carburetor cleaners So far those guys are leading the pack still So let's move on to our good friend here, Mr Bar Keepers Friend

I love this stuff too I use this a lot on toilet rings that don't wanna come up, the rusty spots on toilets and stuff So I'm gonna put a little bit of it right there I'll just kinda rub it around and see if it does anything Nope, it looks like it pretty much had no effect, and that's because it's a cleaner, not a solvent

So now another common one that people love to use, acetone So we have 100% acetone right here You'll find it on any cosmetic oil at Walmart or Target And let's rub it right in there You can see, look, it's coming in and it's reasonably doing a decent job there

It's kinda taken out some of the stuff that the others wouldn't, but kind of right here it still doesn't wanna get all of it So maybe a couple of applications might work But so far my money is still on the carburetor cleaners Okay and Goo Gone, I'm gonna spray a little bit of it right there And we've already experimented with this before

You're supposed to let it soak in a few minutes, so I'll let it soak up there a minute, and we'll come back to him and see how he's doing Alright so we're coming back to the Goo Gone spot here now, and kinda wipe it around and it just doesn't quite sink, it did some, right? I think it was, it did certainly better than the cleaners did So I would say that the Goo Gone is somewhere in between the chemtool here and the cleaners So I would say best, okay, and not very good, the cleaners The Windex we've already done

Let's try the Invisible Glass So this one here I believe is mostly alcohol content Standard window cleaning formula there I'll give him some wipes Look at that, not much

So it seems to me that the cleaners don't really do it They'll come in after the fact, after we get all those guck out for sure with a carburetor cleaner and then we'll come back with like, I'll probably use a couple of different ones of these, couple of different types of these cleaners here And I think that was it We got the Invisible Glass that's right there We have all of these that we've tried now

So it look like the winners here are the carburetor cleaners Anything here that's gonna be used to clean all that dirt, all that gunk out of your throttle body and your carburetors and stuff, this looks like your best solution right now And just because I tell you that this worked best here, you might find something that works better on your particular situation And then you're probably wondering, well, how do I get the window tint started? How do I get it off of the window to begin with? So this was old window tint and it was already peeling, we just pulled it right off But if you have old tint that's still on there pretty good and you want to get that window tinting off, you can get a hairdryer and heat up in the corner just to make the glue that's here, the adhesive, you wanna soften it up and make it flow a little bit, and that will allow you to then come in with your little razor blade here and just peel back the corner and then just start from there, peel the whole thing back

So I hope this video has helped you And if you liked it, leave us comments down below, give us a thumbs up And this is a good time for you to remember to subscribe so you won't miss any of our future videos 'cause we make all of these videos for you, and we'll see you next week

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