Window Tinting Ford F 150

For tint shield we use only 3M films They're a name brand that everybody knows they are a high quality product they come with a lifetime warranty and it All in all it's the best bang for your buck Today, we're going to be using 35% keeping it legal All tint film comes in Rolls So how do you get a roll of film? To fit on your window with so many different sized windows Would be insane for any particular tint company to carry all those different varieties

There are two main styles One is you take that roll and you put it on the windshield and then you cut it with a knife The downside with that is you may interfere with the molding and cut it which obviously wouldn't be desirable The other option is to use a plotter the plotter uses software that knows what each window Size is and cuts right to size Therefore the installer has nothing to do but to put it on the window, and it fits perfectly every time as you see here So Fence Armor has come to us for window tinting on the Ford F-150 We're showing you a couple different methods today and one of them the Gasket Wizard method {Music} So Bonnie Why did you start on the outside of the glass? Ah basically the outside of the glass, I'm just letting my film sit there and wait for me That's all it is, a lot of people will work off The board like that the glass on the wall or the car itself depending on, where you are so we do a lot of mobile stuff, and we don't technically have glass on the walls out there So you get used to working off the beat here

So that's it {Music} Very important to get film as high as you can Makes it look like a factory edge It's very important to seal your top edge when window tinting Paper towel We roll it up so it doesn't crease So that's pretty much it, just gonna get the rest of the moisture out that's how you tint a window

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