Window Tinting: Remove old tint, trash bag method

water down window Apply the garbage bag large enough to cover window Lay flat as possible cut all four sides cut 3 inches further than the matrix this way you will have a lot to cover spray 409 on old tint any degreaser based ammonia will work 409 is just what we keep in store 100% coverage is the goal Apply the garbage bag start from the beginning I used a bull auto bulldozer to put the rest Fold the edges with a tool Park the car with the back facing the sun for 20 minutes long enough to stay warm but not dry pick a corner and start to peel slowly if only one layer peels off repeat the entire process for the second layer If the adhesive is left behind use degreaser and 000 steel wool If the hue is still on after two processes break the steam and enjoy turned out to be a clean removal Thanks for watching! Check out our Facebook group research: window tinting business sign up to see other videos